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  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Mourning Dove 0500p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Heirloom White 1000p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Pink Nectar 3100p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Pink Peppermint 3120p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Azalea Glow 3140p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Pink Papaya 3160p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Chili Pepper 3180p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Maple Wood 3200p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Marigold Orange 3220p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Sour Gooseberry 3240p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Fern Green 3260p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Beetle Blue 3280p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Teal Twilight 3300p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Weathervane Gray 3320p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Black Cherry 3340p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Winter Heath 3360p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Lilac Mist 3380p
  • Purl Soho |  Posy | Drizzle Gray 3400p

Purl Soho




Like a cutting garden in full bloom, hand-dyed Posy (and its partner, Pocket Posy) are seedlings for the imagination! One-hundred-gram fingering weight Posy is big sibling to Pocket Posy, which is the same yarn in a more diminutive 25-gram skein. Both are a super soft blend of 75% superwash merino, 15% cashmere, and 10% nylon. They are machine washable, durable for socks and anything else hard working, and wonderfully soft for the baby in all of us. Great for sock knitting, Posy is also a wonderful weight for year-round sweaters, baby gear, hats, mittens, and, doubled, squishy, cozy, amazing blankets. The entire bouquet of eighteen Posy colors is beautifully hand dyed in Peru, each skein a subtle play of shades and all inspired by the details and revelations of a flower bed!

If you’re using hand dyed yarn, like our Posy and Pocket Posy, you may want to re-fix the dye before you begin in order to prevent the colors from bleeding when you wash the finished piece. For tips on how, visit our Re-Fixing Dye Tutorial.

Product Details
  • Content

    75% superwash merino, 15% cashmere, and 10% nylon

  • Weight

    100 grams (3.5 ounces)

  • Length

    318 yards (290 meters)

  • Gauge

    7-8.5 stitches per inch, fingering weight

  • Suggested Knitting Needle

    US 00-3 (1.75mm-3.25mm)

  • Suggested Crochet Hook

    A-D (1.75mm-3.25mm)

  • Recommended Care

    Machine wash cold, tumble dry low