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Look what we’ve been up to! Browse these hot-off-the-needles projects and get inspired to make something beautiful!

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5 seasonal favorites from our amazing collection of 42 yarns, available in over 700 gorgeous colors. Our natural fibers feel amazing in your hands and add depth and beauty to your knitting!

Check Out Our Latest Free Patterns! VIEW ALL

Look what we’ve been up to! Browse these hot-off-the-needles projects and get inspired to make something beautiful!

Check Out Our Latest Projects VIEW ALL

Look what we’ve been up to! Browse these hot-off-the-needles projects and get inspired to make something beautiful!

Browse Our Gorgeous Yarns!

Browse Our Gorgeous Yarns!

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Our Favorite Customer Reviews

I am always happy with my experience at Purl Soho. The customer service is kind and responsive. What I love the most is the continuous flow of beautiful designs that I can't wait to make, especially blankets and wraps. I also love the comments sections with each design where staff designers give technical advice and also ideas about how to experiment with color ways beyond the original suggested ones.


Cheryl Finkel

May 27, 2024

I'm always drawn to Purl Soho patterns, so many gorgeous pieces!... Today looking for a simple cardigan for my daughter I found what I wanted but soon learned the the pattern was no longer available in Ravelry. I got in touch with Purl Soho via email, not expecting much, and to my surprise, a lovely person named Gavriella responded right away (mind blown already at that!) and sent me the pattern, for free to boot!This company has the beauty, the ethos and the feels of homegrown goodness!


Mónica Ágreda Ferrán

April 29, 2024

I have been purchasing yarn and all sorts of lovely goodies from Purl Soho for at least 7 years now. I have found every interaction productive, helpful and an absolute pleasure. The ladies who manage all the questions have always brought all of themselves to share in the most generous fashion their knowledge and although I can probably buy products, certainly not of the same quality in Australia, I much prefer dealing with Purl Soho. Well done lovely ladies!



April 24, 2024

Thoughts on Purl Soho: I used to wander across the internet searching for unique or special yarn for each knitting project until I discovered Purl Soho. It occurred to me recently that I can't remember the last time I traveled outside of Purl Soho for yarn. There are a few reasons. Their many yarns are consistently beautiful, high quality, in stock (usually), in a broad variety of colors, eloquently described online - sometimes with a level of detail that makes you feel a special connection to the yarn you're going to be receiving and working with. And then there are the helpful tutorials, the encouragement to try new techniques, the quick response when you have a question or, as I just did, need some feedback about the "personality" of a yarn or it's suitability for a particular pattern. This shop should be a role model for all others.


Suzanne Peterson

April 16, 2024

Purl Soho has become a touchpoint in my life. I have been knitting for 30 years but just discovered your company about three years ago. I am constantly blown away by the gorgeous colors, quality, and variety of your yarns. I am a lover of kits and have ordered many. Whoever is overseeing the Purl Soho aesthetic is doing an incredible job. I always have your site open on my computer and check in all the time. I will often browse the photos of your yarns just to calm my mind and get into a better mental place. You are incredibly generous with your free patterns and have a way of taking even a simple project and making it special. So THANK YOU to all at Purl Soho for creating something beautiful that allows your customers to do the same! 


Jennifer Locke

April 15, 2024

I have been knitting for many decades and have shopped at many fine yarn shops over the years but, from my long experience, many things about Purl Soho make it my go-to shop for all things yarn. In the past, I hesitated to buy yarn online unless I was already familiar with but Purl Soho's descriptions are so accurate that I always know exactly what will arrive at my door, and in the rare case, although it is exactly as described, I don't love it once I can hold and work with it, returns are easy, and refunds or store credits are given promptly and courteously. My questions, both online and by phone message have been answered within a day and often within a few hours, color or yarn substitution suggestions are given freely and I get the feeling that they are given with pleasure on the part of the talented people at Purl Soho. There are many very fine yarn shops online and brick & mortar, and browsing my LYS is a pleasure but, in my opinion, Purl Soho shines above the rest.


Alice Casella

April 3, 2024

I just recently started knitting again, and I feel so fortunate to have come across Purl Soho. Not only are their patterns and yarns of such beautiful high quality, but their customer support is second to none. I was able to get help from one of their knitting experts and it was, like the rest of their offerings, top notch. She honed in on my problem right away, explained it, and gave me excellent advice for how to fix it. You don’t often find brands these days who really care about their customers. Purl Soho truly does. It is amazing!


Laila Zichmanis

March 21, 2024

How nice to have real women at the other end of the call! Lili took the time needed to understand what I was wanting and quickly correct an error I made. Had it not been for a “real human” this could have been much more work. Thanks Purl Soho! Like working with a LYS (which this area has none). All smiles.


Lynn Barrett

March 11, 2024

I have been so happy with my purchases. The wool yarns are so soft and people who think wools are ""scratchy"" cannot believe the feel of Wigeon. I can't say enough about the Cashmere Merino Bloom either. I have also been very satisfied with the patterns I have made. They fit well and the styles are creative but classic. I have been knitting for many years and worked in a LYS for years, so when I recommend Purl Soho to fellow knitters I know they will be very satisfied customers. P.S. The Amphora sweater and the Botanical Yoke Pullover are fabulous.


Miira Allen

March 9, 2024


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