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Open Air Wrap Bundle

BY Purl Soho


Open Air Wrap Bundle

BY Purl Soho

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In our beautiful Handwritten cotton, our Open Air Wrap is as light as a cloud floating across the sky and as fresh as, well, a step out into the open air! The Open Air Wrap may look like a complicated bit of lacework, but in reality, it’s just one easy row repeated. The simple mesh of this fabric is perfectly poised to feature a truly special yarn, and our Handwritten is happy to tell its story! Made in Japan from 100% organically grown cotton, Handwritten is as elegant as a line of cursive. A fine, flat ribbon, its structure gives hand knits more volume and dimension than you might expect from a laceweight yarn. Handwritten comes on an adorable spool that holds over 900 yards of ready-to-go yarn. With so much yardage, you only need two spools for an Open Air Wrap... With thirteen Open Air Wrap Bundles to choose from, find your favorite and cast on for this signature wrap!

Product Details


Our Open Air Wrap Bundle includes…

  • 2 cones of Purl Soho’s Handwritten, 100% organically grown cotton. Each cone is 930 yards/ 100 grams.
    • Color A: 1 cone; approximately 930 total yards required
    • Color B: 1 cone; approximately 930 total yards required


You’ll also need…


SAMPLES: We knit our samples in Wild Hyacinth + Silver Iris, Prairie Clover + Ocean Teal, Cadmium Red + Pale Almond, Deep Water Blue + Heirloom White, and Warm Peanut + Autumn Gold for our samples.


17 stitches = 4 inches in stockinette stitch, blocked, holding one strand of Colors A and B together


Finished Dimensions, Blocked: 20¼ inches wide x 72 inches long


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