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Soft Stripes Wrap Bundle


Soft Stripes Wrap Bundle

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With Novella’s mesmerizing pools of color under a wash of glowing Tussock, our Soft Stripes Wrap tells a story… One of beauty, inspiration, and the pleasure of simple knitting.

  • Using this Soft Stripes Wrap Bundle, you knit this wrap all in easy stockinette, holding two strands throughout.

  • The shifting colors of self-striping Novella will keep you enraptured as they blend and flow into on another, and you’ll love the gentle watercolor-y beauty Tussock adds. Its lustrous color is vibrant on the ends and merges with Novella’s dynamic hues in the middle, bringing the pieces of the tale together.

  • The fibers of these two yarns are an exquisite mix. They both have the strength and radiance of mulberry silk, while Novella adds extra fine merino for bounce and body, and Tussock’s super fine kid mohair lends a gorgeous halo to the fabric’s surface. Altogether, an incredibly soft and lovely combination.


Our wrap pairs Tussock’s Bright Thistle with Novella’s vibrant Goji Berry, but find the two that tell your story… You have nine colors of Soft Stripes Wrap Bundles to choose from, in both Scarf and Wrap sizes!

Product Details


Our Soft Stripes Wrap Bundle comes in nine palettes and two sizes. It includes all the yarn you'll need to make a Scarf (Wrap) of your own...

  • Yarn A: 2 (3) skeins of Purl Soho’s Tussock, 60% super fine kid mohair and 40% mulberry silk. Each skein is 328 yards/ 25 grams; approximately 520 (984) total yards required. We used the color Bright Thistle.

  • Yarn B: 4 (7) balls of Purl Soho’s Novella, 92% extra fine merino and 8% mulberry silk. Each ball is 142 yards/ 50 grams; approximately 505 (995) total yards required. We used the color Gogi Berry.

Or make a combo all your own! Just pick up 2 (3) skeins of Tussock and 4 (7) skeins of Novella to create a unique pair.


You will also need...


19 stitches and 24 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch, with Yarn A doubled

19 stitches and 27 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch, holding a strand of Yarns A and B together


Scarf (Wrap)

Finished Dimensions: 8 (16) inches wide x 70 inches long

Sample: We knit the Wrap size.


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