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Sewing Errata

We do our very best to make error-free patterns, but sometimes something will slip through the cracks. Please search our patterns below (organized alphabetically) for any updates! Thank You.

Baby Pants

attachment-53d298e8e4b05818c547bb8bJune 6, 2015

We’ve adjusted the pattern for sizes 3-9 months to give a wider leg and roomier fit.

Boxy Tee Three Ways

attachment-53d298eae4b05818c547c67aJune 3, 2015

We added 1 1/2 inches to the width of the Sleeves for all versions to make a wider armhole and roomier fit.

City Gym Shorts for All Ages

attachment-53d298eae4b05818c547c84cSeptember 2, 2014

In the CUT section, the Waistband measurement for Kids’ size 11 has been added as 33 1/2 inches. A measurement for the bias strips for Kids’ size 11 has also been added as 48 inches.

Fleece Baby Jumpsuit

fleece-baby-jumpsuit-banner-1-2December 16, 2014

Yardage for the Michael Miller Organic Fleece has changed

FROM: 2 yards

TO: 1 1/2 to 2 yards

Linen Gauze Wrap

attachment-53d298eae4b05818c547c821August 26, 2014

In the PIECE THE WRAP section the following additions have been made…

“Sew along the pinned line 1/4 inch from the raw edge twice.

“Remove the pins and turn the scarf over. Now sew 1/4 inch from the raw edge on the other side twice.”

Pillowcases for Every Bed

purl-pillowcase-600-26October 17, 2014

In the CUT section of the Edged Pillowcase Pattern, the measurements have changed

FROM: From the Main Color, cut two 21 by 57 ½ (21 by 61 ½, 21 by 67 ½)–inch rectangles.

TO: From the Main Color, cut two 21 by 57 ½ (21 by 65 ½, 21 by 73 ½)–inch rectangles From the Contrasting Color, cut two 21 by 7 ½ inch rectangles.

In the CUT section of the Solid Pillowcase Pattern, the measurements have changed

FROM: Cut two 21 by 64 (21 by 68, 21 by 74)–inch rectangles.

TO: Cut two 21 by 64 (21 by 72, 21 by 80)–inch rectangles.

Super Easy Sewn Blanket for Beginners

super-easy-sewn-blanket-banner-600-7August 26, 2014

Under QUILT, Step 2 has changed to “Use the non-slip ruler to measure 6 1/2 inches from the left edge along the seam between Color A and B…”

Step 3 has changed to “Continue to place pins equidistantly across the entire length of the seam.”

Weekender Duffle

weekender-duffle-600-17September 9, 2016

The instructions for cutting the bias tape (at the bottom of page 1) are incorrect. Instead of:

From the bias tape, cut…

  • One 92-inch length. This is the Handle Piece.
  • One 64-inch length. This is the Strap.


It should read:

From the bias tape, cut…

  • Two 33-inch lengths

Women’s Robe

attachment-53d298f6e4b05818c547e748May 13, 2014

Under CUT, the dimensions for the Belt pieces (7a and 7b) have changed to 6 inches by 35 (36, 37, 38 39) inches.

June 30, 2016

Some of our readers (but not all!) have found that the Sleeve and Shoulder seams of the Women’s Robe can feel a little tight. If you’re worried about this happening for you, or if you’re already experiencing this problem, please follow our thorough instructions for widening this section of the Robe. They are in the Update: Adding Room to the Sleeve and Shoulder Seam section of the original story.

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