Neighborhood Quilt Pattern Download


Neighborhood Quilt Pattern Download

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Just a few blocks from our Soho shop, Thompson Street Studio creates textiles fueled by the playful, exploratory spirit of hand-making. We are thrilled they have brought that energy here with their Neighborhood Quilt, a stunning example of color and geometry coming together in a communal song! Inspired by the early 20th-century Bauhaus art movement, this quilt taps into Bauhaus titan Annie Albers and her conviction that "art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness." Indeed! The happiness of sandy peach against ocean blue and of patchwork blocks interrupted by sweeping arches, like bridges connecting neighborhoods. Get all the Spectrum CottonDaily LinenWatercolor Linen, and Handkerchief Linen, plus the batting and thread, you'll need with our Neighborhood Quilt Bundle, then go to town on this truly special beauty! Please click Product Details, above, for more info.


You'll need a Neighborhood Quilt Bundle, which includes:

  • Fabric A: ¼ yard Purl Soho's Spectrum Cotton in Mountain Moss
  • Fabric B: 1½ yards of Spectrum Cotton in Lichen Green
  • Fabric C: ½ yard of Spectrum Cotton in Duck Egg Blue
  • Fabric D: ¼ yard of Spectrum Cotton in Pure Pool
  • Fabric E: ½ yard of Spectrum Cotton in Ink Blue
  • Fabric F: 1 yard of Spectrum Cotton in Ocean Fog
  • Fabric G: ¼ yard of Purl Soho's Watercolor Linen in Mountain Purple
  • Fabric H: ½ yard of Watercolor Linen in Lilac Bark
  • Fabric I: ¼ yard of Purl Soho's Daily Linen in Milk White
  • Fabric J: ¼ yard of Watercolor Linen in Pink Sand
  • Fabric K: ½ yard of Purl Soho's Handkerchief Linen in Peach
  • Fabric L: ¼ yard of Daily Linen in Sweet Melon
  • Fabric M: ¼ yard of Daily Linen in Warm Clay
  • Fabric N: ¼ yard of Daily Linen in Pink Dune
  • Fabric O: ¼ yard of Spectrum Cotton in Pebble Blue
  • Quilters Dream Cotton Batting, Crib size, Thinnest Loft Request thickness
  • Piecing Thread: Two 274-yard spools of Gutermann's Cotton Sewing Thread in off-white
  • Hand Quilting Thread A: One 220-yard spool of Gutermann's Hand Quilting Thread in sky blue
  • Hand Quilting Thread B: One 220-yard spool of Gutermann's Hand Quilting Thread in emerald green
  • Hand Quilting Thread C: One 220-yard spool of Gutermann's Hand Quilting Thread in sea foam

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Finished Dimensions: 46 x 60 inches

Get all the materials you'll need to make this project with our Neighborhood Quilt Bundle, including thread, batting, and beautiful fabric! Click Add To Basket to purchase, and please note that the Pattern is sold separately.

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