Winter Wreath Pattern

Winter Wreath Pattern

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Purl Soho's Winter Wreath is the perfect complement to the season's quiet beauty. Warm wool felt with pretty beads, sequins, and embroidery floss, this wreath is inspired by sunlit hibernal flora and is sure to be a holiday heirloom! Our full-color Winter Wreath Pattern walks you through every step of making your own 16-inch heirloom Wreath and is available as a PDF download or a hard copy. For a list of materials you'll need to make your Winter Wreath, please click Product Details, above.

To make Purl Soho's Winter Wreath you'll need...


Another option: All of these materials, including the Pattern, come in our Winter Wreath Kit.  Additionally, you can purchase the beads and sequins together in our Beads + Sequins for Purl Soho's Winter Wreath Pattern Kit.



Finished Dimension: 16 inches in diameter