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Little Gold Scissors


Little Gold Scissors

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Crafted in Premana, Italy, our Little Gold Scissors are forged from nickel-plated carbon steel with lovely 24k gold plating. Their precision points and sharp blades are perfect for delicate snipping, while their exceptional beauty makes each time you use them special. Enjoy a pretty pink tassel attached to the handles... Keep it there or set it aside for another use. Either way, never too many tassels!

Product Details

  • Content

    Nickel-plated carbon steel with 24k gold plating

  • Dimensions

    2.75 inches long x 1.5 inches wide at widest point of handles

Purl Soho

Brass Tool Kit

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This tool is included in our Knitter’s Brass Tool Kit, a collection of carefully crafted instruments so gorgeous that every stitch will be a pleasure! Each kit includes a brass needle gauge, brass tapestry needles, brass stitch holders, brass cable stitch holders, a brass repair hook, brass ring stitch markers, brass notions tin + removable stitch markers, a measuring tape, and little gold scissors. To purchase the entire kit, click add to basket!

Please Note: Because they are natural, un-lacquered brass, these tools may tarnish a bit with time, but they're easy to polish with a soft cloth and some brass polish, or even a bit of white toothpaste!