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Seagrass Basket


Seagrass Basket

$22.00 - $48.00
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Our Seagrass Basket is a thing of beauty! Handwoven in Hanoi, Vietnam, these baskets are traditionally used for harvested rice. We fill ours with fabric scraps, skeins of yarn, blankets in progress, toy cars and trucks, stuffed animals, and even potted plants. It has an ingenious collapsible design, so that unfolded, it's a charming vase shape, and folded, it's a nice, wide bowl. Either way, the Seagrass Basket is a wonderful way to store the things you love! Choose the smaller 10-inch wide basket, the larger 14-inch one, or a set of both.

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  • Dimensions

    10 inches wide x 9 inches high (unfolded); 14 inches wide x 12 inches tall (unfolded

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    Handwoven in Vietnam