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Prism Blanket Bundle


Prism Blanket Bundle

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With its super fun no-sew construction and its boundless color-play potential, our Prism Blanket is a totally absorbing knit! This clever pattern requires absolutely no sewing so that knitting from color to color gains a momentum of its own. The satisfaction of this pattern is enriched by our absolutely gorgeous Good Wool. One hundred percent Andean highland wool, this natural beauty is one of our favorite yarns to knit and creates a garter fabric with a lofty bounce. Good Wool’s heathered spectrum always sparks our imagination, so we’ve put together lots of lovely Prism Blanket Bundles that come in both crib and throw sizes. 

Please Note: To make it easier to shop for available palettes, we have temporarily removed out-of-stock bundles from this page. They will return when we receive our next shipment of Good Wool!

Now A Staff Pick! We love the range of colors and the sea of garter stitch, the clever construction and the beauty of Good Wool. Click here to see all the Prism Blankets knit by the Purl Soho team themselves and to hear more about why it's our very first Purl Soho Staff Pick!

Product Details


Our Prism Blanket Bundle comes in Crib (Throw) sizes and includes…

  • 7 (10) skeins of Purl Soho’s Good Wool, 100% Andean highland wool. Each skein is 383 yards/ 100 grams. 
    • MC1: 2 skeins; approximately 435 (725) yards required
    • MC2: 2 skeins; approximately 435 (725) yards required
    • CC1: 1 (2) skein(s); approximately 290 (510) yards required
    • CC2: 1 (2) skein(s); approximately 290 (510) yards required
    • CC3: 1 (2) skein(s); approximately 290 (435) yards required


You’ll also need…


Choose from 14 palettes (We used Campfire, Birthday, Tuber, and Rosebush for our samples)...


  • MC1: Freshwater Blue
  • MC2: Periwinkle Gray
  • CC1: Apple Cider
  • CC2: Barn Door
  • CC3: Guava Earth



  • MC1: Vintage Rose
  • MC2: Pink Dawn
  • CC1: Seaside Blue
  • CC2: Desert Blue
  • CC3: Pale Patina



  • MC1: Hickory Nut
  • MC2: Walking Stick
  • CC1: Wild Heath
  • CC2: Wild Violet
  • CC3: Fresh Loganberry



  • MC1: Magnolia Pink
  • MC2: Pink Salt
  • CC1: Olive Oil
  • CC2: Fern Green
  • CC3: Tree Frog



  • MC1: Teal Twilight
  • MC2: Dark Spruce
  • CC1: Driftwood Gray
  • CC2: Winter Grass
  • CC3: Heirloom White



  • MC1: Violet Night
  • MC2: Purple Pansy
  • CC1: Wild Mustard
  • CC2: Hay Field
  • CC3: Lemon Meringue



  • MC1: Winter Grass
  • MC2: Heirloom White
  • CC1: Tree Frog
  • CC2: Fern Green
  • CC3: Olive Oil



  • MC1: Winter Grass
  • MC2: Heirloom White
  • CC1: Wild Heath
  • CC2: Purple Pansy
  • CC3: Periwinkle Gray



  • MC1: Winter Grass
  • MC2: Heirloom White
  • CC1: Lemon Meringue
  • CC2: Pink Salt
  • CC3: Magnolia Pink



  • MC1: Winter Grass
  • MC2: Heirloom White
  • CC1: Desert Blue
  • CC2: Seaside Blue
  • CC3: Freshwater Blue



  • MC1: Vintage Rose
  • MC2: Pink Dawn
  • CC1: Wild Heath
  • CC2: Purple Pansy
  • CC3: Violet Night



  • MC1: Fern Green
  • MC2: Tree Frog
  • CC1: Apple Cider
  • CC2: Guava Earth
  • CC3: Barn Door



  • MC1: Coastline Gray
  • MC2: Hickory Nut
  • CC1: Pale Patina
  • CC2: Desert Blue
  • CC3: Sea Side Blue



  • MC1: Blue Moon
  • MC2: Periwinkle Gray
  • CC1: Teal Twilight
  • CC2: Ocean Wave
  • CC3: Well Water



Please Note: In order to keep the beautiful Grasshopper, Amethyst, Teacake, and White Caps bundles available, we previously replaced the MC1, Winter Grass, with Driftwood Gray. We've since been able to restock Winter Grass and have returned to using it in these palettes! These photos are accurate.


22 stitches and 44 rows (22 ridges) = 4 inches in garter stitch


Crib (Throw)

Finished Dimensions: 33 (44) inches wide x 44 (55) inches long

Finished Square Dimensions: 11 inches square

SAMPLES: The Birthday, Tuber, and Rosebush samples are the Crib size, and the Campfire sample is the Throw size.


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