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Cashmere Merino Bloom


Cashmere Merino Bloom

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Using the softest, most exquisite cashmere available, Cashmere Merino Bloom is a classic plied yarn with a very special touch! Twenty-five percent cashmere and 75% extra fine merino wool, this yarn benefits from both fibers, with enough cashmere for over-the-top softness and beautiful bloom. Our cashmere's short staple fiber comes from the downy undercoat of goats, which is carefully separated from the animal's longer guard hairs. It is then intimately blended with the softest quality merino there is, which, since it's wool, also adds resilience and durability. Spun in two plies and a light worsted (or DK) weight, Cashmere Merino Bloom is made in Peru and Peru Fair Trade Certified, which means the mill that makes it is committed to fair and safe working conditions, as well as a respect for the environment, with low-impact production techniques, a responsible consumption of resources, and the reuse, recycling, and reduction of raw materials. It also adheres to European regulations that protect human health and the environment from harmful chemicals. In the end, Cashmere Merino Bloom has an incredible hand feel with a gentle halo that illuminates the details of your stitches. See this beauty in action with our Botanical Yoke Pullover! A wonderful yarn for just about everything and everyone, it is gentle for babies and sensitive skin and toasty warm for winter weather. Cashmere Merino Bloom's gorgeous palette ranges from warm Wheat Flour to cool Dove Gray, and from earthy Red Pine to watery High Tide. Choose your favorites!

Product Details

  • Content

    75% extra fine merino wool and 25% cashmere

  • Weight

    100 grams (3.5 ounces)

  • Length

    218 yards (199 meters)

  • Gauge

    5 - 5.5 stitches per inch, light worsted/dk

  • Suggested Knitting Needle

    US 5 - 7 (3.75 - 4.5 mm)

  • Suggested Crochet Hook

    E - G (3.75 - 4.5 mm)

  • Recommended Care

    Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

  • More Info

    Made in Peru, Peru Fair Trade and REACH Certified


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