This Classic Hemmed Crewneck is the sweater that never makes it back into my drawer. It lives either on my body or draped over the back of a chair, ready for next time. It’s the kind of perfectly simple, perfectly useful sweater that, when you’re not wearing it, you throw it in your bag “just in case.”

Classic Hemmed Crewneck | Purl Soho

Pared down and flattering but roomy enough for layering, the Classic Hemmed Crewneck’s achieves subtle shaping with the use of only a few easy knitting techniques. One of them is the no-fuss hems that help give this sweater its name and which we carefully explain in our new Knit Hem video tutorial!

Classic Hemmed Crewneck | Purl Soho

But this sweater wouldn’t be what it is without Purl Soho’s magical Flax Down. A single-ply blend of alpaca, wool, and linen, this yarn has a beautiful bloom that seems to make the fabric glow. Flax Down folds gracefully at the hemmed edges, submits happily to the raglan shaping, and feels soft and cozy against the skin.

Classic Hemmed Crewneck | Purl Soho

My Classic Hemmed Crewneck goes everywhere with me these days and I’m confident, for many days to come as well. Make it your new just-in-case sweater, too! –Laura


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In addition to a Purl Soho Classic Hemmed Crewneck pattern, you’ll need…


21 stitches and 28 rounds = 4 inches in stockinette stitch on larger needles


37¾ (42, 46, 50¼) (54½, 59, 63¼, 67½)

  • To fit actual chest circumference 32–34 (35–39, 40–43, 44–47) (48–51, 52–56, 57–60, 61–64) inches, with approximately 3–7 inches of ease
  • Finished Chest Circumference: 37¾ (42, 46, 50¼) (54½, 59, 63¼, 67½) inches
  • Finished Length From Shoulder To Bottom Edge: 22¼ (23, 23¾, 24¾) (25¼, 25½, 26, 26½) inches
  • Finished Length From Underarm To Bottom Edge: 13 (13½, 13¾, 14½) (14¾, 14¾, 15, 15) inches

SAMPLES: The Heirloom White sweater pictured here is Size 37¾ with 5 inches of ease. The Toasted Charcoal sweater pictured here is size 42.


Classic Hemmed Crewneck | Purl Soho

The Classic Hemmed Crewneck pattern is available exclusively as a PDF download.

Classic Hemmed Crewneck | Purl Soho