Whether you’re new to knitting or a seasoned crafter, German Short Rows will surprise you! Like Wrap + Turn Short Rows, this method creates wedges in your knitting, shaping everything from curved hemlines to ear flaps. However, German Short Rows are even simpler than the Wrap + Turn technique, and since you can use them in place of any Wrap + Turn instructions, you’ll probably return to them time and time again. In this German Short Rows Tutorial we break down German Short Rows into a few easy steps and also show you how to adapt them for Wrap + Turn instructions.

Our Lovely Lightweight Tee is a great place to put your new skills to use. You’ll use German Short Rows to shape the sloped hemline of this warm-weather tee in Cattail Silk, a very nice detail!

Short Rows: German Short Rows | Purl Soho

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