If all those years ago your mom wore for a whole week that macaroni and Cheerios necklace you made for her, consider how much she’ll appreciate one of these beautiful handmade crafts. And if she wiped your tears, kissed your boo boos and took your side every time, consider how much she deserves one!

Nothing inspires more beautiful crafting than Mother’s Day. Put all that love you have for dear mom into these mother-worthy projects!

For these inspiring patterns and lists of everything you’ll need to craft just the thing for the mom (or moms!) on your list, visit these project pages…

Top row: Cashmere Ombré Wrap, Stacked Felt Slippers and Traveling Cable Hand Warmers

Second row: Incredibly Simple Scarves, Jasmine Scarf and Railroad Tote

Third row: Pure + Simple Wool Blankets, Pieced Napkins and Sideways Garter Vest

Bottom row: Open Air Wrap, Striped Crew Socks and Crocheted Set-of-Three Pot Holders