Our new 40-ball bundle of Linen Quill Minis is a jubilant celebration of color… Join the party with our free Incredible Blanket pattern and revel in the beauty!

The Incredible Blanket | Purl Soho
The Incredible Blanket | Purl Soho

Linen Quill’s glorious array of colors is always inspiring, so we’ve bundled up forty of them in 25-gram balls (including seven that aren’t even available in skeins yet!). The big idea is for you to have a yarn palette as unfettered as a paintbox, where your creativity and love for color can be free!

The Incredible Blanket | Purl Soho

You’ll get a splash of every color in the spectrum, plus some outside of it! A fantastic project for making use of this color extravaganza, The Incredible Blanket is just knit stitches on one side and a relaxed rhythm of purls and easy knit-one-below stitches on the other.  The result is rows of interlocking colors, each change a moment to relish the glorious way colors relate to each other.

The Incredible Blanket | Purl Soho

When we knit our Incredible Blanket, we pulled randomly from two baskets of Linen Quill Minis, one full of warm colors and one of cools. We let chance (and faith in the beauty of Linen Quill) lead the way! Follow our color order (listed in the pattern) to make the exact same Incredible Blanket; replicate our method to make your own serendipitous beauty; or come up with your own color logic!

The Incredible Blanket | Purl Soho

Behind all this play is the serious beauty of Linen Quill. Fifty percent fine highland wool for springiness, 35% alpaca for softness, and 15% linen for earthiness. The linen takes dye differently than animal fibers, giving each color of Linen Quill a heather-y depth, and linen’s tendency to sprout out of the yarn lends a rustic liveliness that knitters love.

The Incredible Blanket | Purl Soho

Inspired? Pick up a beautiful bundle of Linen Quill Minis for yourself and for the makers in your life who love fiber, color, and natural beauty, and paint the town in splendorous color!

The Incredible Blanket | Purl Soho

Designed by Purl Soho designer, Hiromi Glover. Click here to see even more of Hiromi’s work! Color order chosen by Purl Soho founder and co-owner, Joelle Hoverson.

Share your progress and connect with the community by tagging your pics with #PurlSoho, #PurlSohoBusyHands, #PurlSohoTheIncredibleBlanket, and #PurlSohoLinenQuill. We can’t wait to see what you make!


The Incredible Blanket | Purl Soho
  • 1 Linen Quill Minis bundle, 50% highland wool, 35% alpaca, and 15% linen. Each bundle is approximately 4,360 yards/ 1000 grams; approximately 3,490 total yards required.
  • US 4 (3.5 mm), 40-inch circular needles


26 stitches and 44 rows = 4 inches in stitch pattern (see Notes)


Finished Dimensions: 51 x 51 inches 



This pattern is worked over a multiple of 2 stitches.


Slip all stitches purlwise with yarn in front.


NOTE: For more information about this technique, be sure to visit our Working into the Stitch Below Tutorial!

Insert the tip of the right needle into the stitch below the next stitch (from front to back), knit normally (wrapping the yarn around the needle and pulling it back through the stitch below), and let the stitch above fall from the left needle.


To spare yourself weaving in dozens and dozens of tails, we recommend knitting them in every time you join a new color at Rows 1 and 3. Note that you want to knit in ends only on knit or knit 1 below (k1b) stitches. To keep this rhythm, begin knitting in ends on the third knit stitch of Row 1, or the second knit stitch of Row 3, then every other stitch after that. Here’s how…

To knit in tails, *hold the tails of the new and old color together, bring them over the working yarn at the wrong side of the work, and knit next stitch; then, drop tails and knit next stitch as normal. Continue knitting in tails every other stitch for approximately 1 inch.


Row 1 (right side): K3, *p1, k1b (see Notes), repeat from * to last 3 stitches, k1, slip 1 (see Notes), k1.

Row 2 (wrong side): Slip 1, k1, slip 1, knit to last 3 stitches, slip 3.

Row 3: K3, *k1b, p1, repeat from * to last 3 stitches, k1, slip 1, k1.

Row 4: Repeat Row 2.

Repeat Rows 1–4 for pattern.


Knitting this blanket is all about the fun and surprise of color relationships, of striping two colors that you might normally think have no business being together and discovering that they actually make each other sing. Along the way, your heart will open to colors you’ve never loved before and you may never see the world the same! Here’s how to do it…

Grab four vessels (we used paper bags). Put the following colors into two bags (if you’ve lost any labels, you can refer to the Color Guide included with your bundle)…


Magnolia Blossom, Red Poppy, Bright Flamingo, Chestnut Red, Super Orange, Golden Wheat, Buttercup Yellow, Raw Sienna, Peony Pink, Peachy Pink, Fresh Nutmeg, Butterscotch Yellow, Turmeric Yellow, Kiln Red, Pink Pop, Lychee Pink, Baked Earth, Golden Green, Crocus Bud, and Purple Clematis


Clover Green, Fresh Pickle, Pale Mushroom, Lavender Opal, Pale Oats, Cobalt Blue, Reed Gray, Blue Blue, Kettle Black, Eggshell Blue, Pale Celery, Wheat Flour, Stillwater Blue, Stonewall Gray, Grasshopper Green, True Turquoise, Pine Cone, Blue Pansy, Bird’s Egg Blue, and Lemon Lime

Now, close your eyes and select one color from each bag to create a pairing. If they aren’t high enough contrast or they’re too similar to the colors you just knit, just put them back and pick again. Use this pair to work Rows 1-4 of the pattern, then set these colors aside, putting the warm one in a second bag for warm colors and the cool one in a second bag for cool colors. Continue to pick and knit pairs until you have used all 40 colors once and your original bags are empty. Now use your full bags of warm and cool colors to do it all again! Repeat the process 6 more times (7 total) to complete your blanket. Nothing could be more fun!

NOTE: If you’d rather not put your trust in controlled chaos and want to make your Incredible Blanket just like ours, feel free to follow along with Joelle’s exact color order at the end of the pattern!


NOTE: Read all about how to pick your colors, above, or to knit a blanket exactly like ours, use Joelle’s Color Order, listed below.

With Color 1, cast on 332 stitches. We used a Long Tail Cast On.

Set-Up Row (wrong side): Slip 1 (see Notes), k1, slip 1, knit to last 3 stitches, slip 3.

With Color 1…

Row 1 (right side): K3, *p1, k1b (see Notes), repeat from * to last 3 stitches, k1, slip 1, k1.

Row 2 (wrong side): Slip 1, k1, slip 1, knit to last 3 stitches, slip 3.

Cut Color 1, leaving a 2-inch tail, and join Color 2.

With Color 2 and knitting in tails (see Notes)…

Row 3 (right side): K3, *k1b, p1, repeat from * to last 3 stitches, k1, slip 1, k1.

Row 4 (wrong side): Slip 1, k1, slip 1, knit to last 3 stitches, slip 3.

Cut Color 2, leaving a 2-inch tail, and join Color 3.

With Color 3 and knitting in tails, repeat Rows 1 and 2.

Cut Color 3, leaving a 2-inch tail, and join Color 4.

With Color 4 and knitting in tails, repeat Rows 3 and 4.

Continue with the same logic, working in pattern and switching colors every 2 rows according to your preferred Color Order. Work until piece measures 51 inches, ending with Row 4, then go on to the Finishing section below. [561 rows total]


  1. Peachy Pink
  2. Pale Celery
  3. Butterscotch Yellow
  4. Stillwater Blue
  5. Super Orange
  6. Reed Gray
  7. Golden Wheat
  8. Blue Pansy
  9. Chestnut Red
  10. Wheat Flour
  11. Pink Pop
  12. Lavender Opal
  13. Bright Flamingo
  14. Clover Green
  15. Kiln Red
  16. Blue Blue
  17. Fresh Nutmeg
  18. Eggshell Blue
  19. Peony Pink
  20. Cobalt Blue
  21. Raw Sienna
  22. Pale Oats
  23. Turmeric Yellow
  24. Stonewall Gray
  25. Red Poppy
  26. Grasshopper Green
  27. Baked Earth
  28. Pine Cone
  29. Golden Green
  30. Kettle Black
  31. Purple Clematis
  32. Pale Mushroom
  33. Magnolia Blossom
  34. Fresh Pickle
  35. Buttercup Yellow
  36. True Turquoise
  37. Lychee Pink
  38. Birds Egg Blue
  39. Crocus Bud
  40. Lemon Lime
  41. Butterscotch Yellow
  42. Stillwater Blue
  43. Kiln Red
  44. Stonewall Gray
  45. Super Orange
  46. Cobalt Blue
  47. Peony Pink
  48. Pine Cone
  49. Purple Clematis
  50. Clover Green
  51. Magnolia Blossom
  52. Wheat Flour
  53. Red Poppy
  54. Blue Blue
  55. Crocus Bud
  56. Kettle Black
  57. Buttercup Yellow
  58. Reed Gray
  59. Chestnut Red
  60. Lavender Opal
  61. Fresh Nutmeg
  62. Grasshopper Green
  63. Pink Pop
  64. Pale Mushroom
  65. Baked Earth
  66. Pale Celery
  67. Turmeric Yellow
  68. Pale Oats
  69. Lychee Pink
  70. Birds Egg Blue
  71. Raw Sienna
  72. Eggshell Blue
  73. Bright Flamingo
  74. Fresh Pickle
  75. Golden Wheat
  76. True Turquoise
  77. Golden Green
  78. Blue Pansy
  79. Peachy Pink
  80. Lemon Lime
  81. Purple Clematis
  82. Stonewall Gray
  83. Raw Sienna
  84. Lavender Opal
  85. Kiln Red
  86. Blue Blue
  87. Fresh Nutmeg
  88. Lemon Lime
  89. Crocus Bud
  90. Pale Celery
  91. Golden Green
  92. Wheat Flour
  93. Baked Earth
  94. Blue Pansy
  95. Pink Pop
  96. True Turquoise
  97. Super Orange
  98. Grasshopper Green
  99. Red Poppy
  100. Birds Egg Blue
  101. Butterscotch Yellow
  102. Stillwater Blue
  103. Turmeric Yellow
  104. Cobalt Blue
  105. Peony Pink
  106. Kettle Black
  107. Peachy Pink
  108. Pale Mushroom
  109. Magnolia Blossom
  110. Clover Green
  111. Buttercup Yellow
  112. Reed Gray
  113. Chestnut Red
  114. Eggshell Blue
  115. Golden Wheat
  116. Fresh Pickle
  117. Bright Flamingo
  118. Pine Cone
  119. Lychee Pink
  120. Pale Oats
  121. Bright Flamingo
  122. Stillwater Blue
  123. Raw Sienna
  124. Lemon Lime
  125. Kiln Red
  126. Reed Gray
  127. Turmeric Yellow
  128. Pine Cone
  129. Buttercup Yellow
  130. Pale Oats
  131. Baked Earth
  132. Kettle Black
  133. Lychee Pink
  134. Wheat Flour
  135. Purple Clematis
  136. Pale Celery
  137. Pink Pop
  138. Blue Blue
  139. Golden Wheat
  140. Stonewall Gray
  141. Peachy Pink
  142. True Turquoise
  143. Fresh Nutmeg
  144. Clover Green
  145. Red Poppy
  146. Eggshell Blue
  147. Butterscotch Yellow
  148. Cobalt Blue
  149. Peony Pink
  150. Fresh Pickle
  151. Crocus Bud
  152. Birds Egg Blue
  153. Chestnut Red
  154. Grasshopper Green
  155. Golden Green
  156. Blue Pansy
  157. Magnolia Blossom
  158. Pale Mushroom
  159. Super Orange
  160. Lavender Opal
  161. Baked Earth
  162. Clover Green
  163. Bright Flamingo
  164. Pine Cone
  165. Raw Sienna
  166. Reed Gray
  167. Golden Wheat
  168. Birds Egg Blue
  169. Red Poppy
  170. Wheat Flour
  171. Lychee Pink
  172. Lemon Lime
  173. Butterscotch Yellow
  174. Pale Celery
  175. Crocus Bud
  176. Stonewall Gray
  177. Fresh Nutmeg
  178. Pale Oats
  179. Peony Pink
  180. Cobalt Blue
  181. Kiln Red
  182. Grasshopper Green
  183. Peachy Pink
  184. Fresh Pickle
  185. Golden Green
  186. True Turquoise
  187. Magnolia Blossom
  188. Blue Pansy
  189. Pink Pop
  190. Lavender Opal
  191. Buttercup Yellow
  192. Stillwater Blue
  193. Chestnut Red
  194. Eggshell Blue
  195. Turmeric Yellow
  196. Blue Blue
  197. Super Orange
  198. Pale Mushroom
  199. Purple Clematis
  200. Kettle Black
  201. Pink Pop
  202. Wheat Flour
  203. Crocus Bud
  204. Pine Cone
  205. Baked Earth
  206. Clover Green
  207. Chestnut Red
  208. Lemon Lime
  209. Golden Wheat
  210. Birds Egg Blue
  211. Bright Flamingo
  212. Blue Pansy
  213. Magnolia Blossom
  214. Eggshell Blue
  215. Turmeric Yellow
  216. Stonewall Gray
  217. Peony Pink
  218. Fresh Pickle
  219. Kiln Red
  220. Reed Gray
  221. Buttercup Yellow
  222. Pale Celery
  223. Super Orange
  224. Pale Oats
  225. Lychee Pink
  226. Stillwater Blue
  227. Golden Green
  228. True Turquoise
  229. Raw Sienna
  230. Kettle Black
  231. Purple Clematis
  232. Grasshopper Green
  233. Fresh Nutmeg
  234. Cobalt Blue
  235. Peachy Pink
  236. Lavender Opal
  237. Red Poppy
  238. Blue Blue
  239. Butterscotch Yellow
  240. Pale Mushroom
  241. Peony Pink
  242. Birds Egg Blue
  243. Buttercup Yellow
  244. Eggshell Blue
  245. Raw Sienna
  246. Blue Blue
  247. Super Orange
  248. Stillwater Blue
  249. Purple Clematis
  250. Wheat Flour
  251. Butterscotch Yellow
  252. Stonewall Gray
  253. Magnolia Blossom
  254. Kettle Black
  255. Chestnut Red
  256. Pale Mushroom
  257. Pink Pop
  258. Grasshopper Green
  259. Golden Green
  260. Cobalt Blue
  261. Peachy Pink
  262. Clover Green
  263. Red Poppy
  264. Reed Gray
  265. Golden Wheat
  266. Lemon Lime
  267. Lychee Pink
  268. True Turquoise
  269. Baked Earth
  270. Pale Oats
  271. Turmeric Yellow
  272. Lavender Opal
  273. Fresh Nutmeg
  274. Blue Pansy
  275. Crocus Bud
  276. Fresh Pickle
  277. Kiln Red
  278. Pale Celery
  279. Bright Flamingo
  280. Pine Cone


With right side facing you, bind off in pattern as for Row 1.

Weave in any remaining ends, but do not trim just yet! First gently wet block to finished dimensions, using pins if necessary. Once dry, trim all remaining ends, and enjoy!

The Incredible Blanket | Purl Soho
The Incredible Blanket | Purl Soho