Our nuts-for-stripes Stripey Tube Scarf can go in so many directions… Young and fun, bold and dashing, subtle and sophisticated. But the knitting itself is straightforward. You just knit!

Stripey Tube Scarf | Purl Soho

But lest you bore easily, what keeps things interesting here is the alternating rounds of color. As one skein ends and another begins, colors shift, new relationships form, and surprises happen. This is a scarf that compels you to the next skein and right to the end!

Stripey Tube Scarf | Purl Soho

Nice and long, but more importantly doubly thick, the Stripey Tube Scarf is exponentially warmer than its single thickness friends. This scarf also resolves the age-old problem of stockinette scarves curling into tubes by working the conundrum into the concept!

Stripey Tube Scarf | Purl Soho

We used our wonderfully cozy Super Soft Merino Bundles to knit up our two distinctly different Stripey Tube Scarves. From Soft Black to Heirloom White and exploring all the territory in between, this version above and below, uses the graphic Sketchbook palette.

Stripey Tube Scarf | Purl Soho

And for the version below, we used the rich and colorful Super Soft Merino Bundle in Dahlia Garden for a whole different look. There are six Bundles to choose from, or customize your own with seven skeins of Super Soft Merino. Whatever colors you choose, this fabulous winter warmer is a ton of fun!

Stripey Tube Scarf | Purl Soho

Update: New Colors!

November 8, 2019
Stripey Tube Scarf | Purl Soho

With new seasons come new inspirations! We’ve created four fresh colorways for our Super Soft Merino Bundle, all cozy, all 100% merino, all easy, all good! To view the new bundles, click here or view below!



Stripey Tube Scarf | Purl Soho

Super Soft Merino now has a gorgeous palette of over thirty-five colors! We’ve mixed and matched to refresh our collection of Super Soft Merino Bundles, some quiet, some punchy, and some shadowy and deep. Whatever stripes strike your fancy, pick your Super Soft Merino Bundle and cast on!

Designed by Purl Soho founder and co-owner, Joelle Hoverson.

Share your progress and connect with the community by tagging your pics with #PurlSoho, #PurlSohoBusyHands, #PurlSohoStripeyTubeScarf, and #PurlSohoSuperSoftMerino. We can’t wait to see what you make!


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To knit your own Stripey Tube Scarf you will need…

  • 7 skeins of Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino, 100% merino wool. Each skein is 87 yards/ 100 grams; approximately 609 yards required. We used two Super Soft Merino Bundles for these samples (NOTE: some palettes are no longer available)…
    • Dahlia Garden: Color A is Yellow Yellow; Color B is Turmeric Yellow; Color C is Honey Pink; Color D is Grapefruit Pink; Color E is Super Pink; Color F is Purple Clover; Color G is Rose Granite
    • Sketchbook: Color A is Soft Black; Color B is Lucky Magpie; Color C is Toasted Charcoal; Color D is Heirloom White; Color E is Oatmeal Gray; Color F is Stillwater Blue; Color G is Salt + Pepper

You’ll also need…

New Color Options

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Our Super Soft Merino Bundles now comes in four palettes! They are…

  • Top Row
    • ROYGBIV: Color A is Red Poppy; Color B is Super Orange; Color C is Yellow Yellow; Color D is Lime Rickey; Color E is Eggshell Blue; Color F is Cobalt Blue; and Color G is Lotus Flower
    • Lakeside: Color A is Oyster Gray; Color B is Oatmeal Gray; Color C is Eggshell Blue; Color D is High Tide; Color E is Cobalt Blue; Color F is True Turquoise; and Color G is Heirloom White
  • Bottom Row
    • Begonia: Color A is Lotus Flower; Color B is Bougainvillea Pink; Color C is Purple Clover; Color D is Red Poppy; Color E is Super Orange; Color F is Peachy Pink; and Color G is Ballet Pink
    • Birthday: Color A is Yellow Yellow; Color B is Eggshell Blue; Color C is True Turquoise; Color D is Super Pink; Color E is Cobalt Blue; Color F is High Tide; and Color G is Heirloom White


11 stitches = 4 inches in stockinette stitch


Finished dimensions: 9 inches wide x 78 inches long

Finished circumference: 18 inches


For a few tips on knitting these stripes, visit our Stripes in the Round Tutorial!


With Color A, using Long Tail Cast On, cast on 50 stitches.

Place a marker and join for working in the round, being careful to not twist the stitches.

Knit every round for 5 1/2 inches.

Joining Color B…

With Color B, knit one round.

With Color A, knit one round.

Repeat last two rounds until you run out of Color A, ending with a Color B round.

Now joining Color C…

With Color C, knit one round.

With Color B, knit one round.

Repeat last two rounds until you run out of Color B, ending with a Color C round.

Continue in this pattern through Colors D, E, F, and G, ending Color G with 5 1/2 inches of knitting every round.

Bind off loosely and weave in the ends!

Stripey Tube Scarf | Purl Soho
Stripey Tube Scarf | Purl Soho