Between our gorgeous new Sunshower Cotton with its delightful printed texture and Daniella Taylor’s clever design, our Double-Thick Pot Holder is a hot little hot pad to keep your hands cool!

Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho

Daniella’s super fun construction begins with a tube knit in the round that you seal at the top with a three-needle bind off. After you cast-on and bind-off for a little hanging loop, you open up the pouch, triumphantly flatten it into a square, and whipstitch a design-detail seam.

Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho

And the garter stitch surface of the Double-Thick Pot Holders shows off the unique coloring of our new Sunshower Cotton!

Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho

Like a ray of light filtering through the leaves of a tree, Sunshower Cotton has a gentle dappled appearance. Its white base shows through as the printed dye dances on the surface of the yarn, and each stitch is a beautiful little surprise as the hues shift under your fingers! Soft and sturdy, Sunshower Cotton is made in Italy of 100% organically grown cotton. A worsted-weight yarn spun in four plies, it has a satisfying heft and a supple feel. In short, it makes for a beautiful and trusty heatproof pot holder… And you only need one skein to make one!

Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho

Sunshower Cotton’s palette of twelve colors ranges from lively Bright Watermelon to moody Rain Storm… And we couldn’t resist making a Double-Thick Pot Holder in each and every one!

Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho

Designed for Purl Soho by Daniella Taylor. Once a designer and art director for various household magazines, Daniella’s passion for knitting took over, and she became a knitting shop owner and now designer. Her delightful knit Foxy, inspired by her sister’s drawings of a fox who moved into her garden shed, is now a fully realized character (with his own handknit wardrobe!) who brings joy to children and adults alike!

Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho

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Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho

To make one Double-Thick Pot Holder, you will need…

  • 1 skein of Purl Soho’s Sunshower Cotton, 100% organically grown cotton. Each skein is 159 yards/ 100g; approximately 159 yards required.

You will also need…

Our Double-Thick Pot Holder Bundle comes in a Twelve Colors bundle (shown above), which you can use to make the same 12 pot holders as we did. Or pick up a 3-skein bundle to make a color-coordinated set of three pot holders. Choose from…

Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho


  • Sultana: Heirloom White, Corn On The Cob, Wood Thrush
  • Market: Corn On The Cob, Cherry Tomato, Lime Rickey


  • Berry Pie: Bright Watermelon, Pink Clover, Purple Hyssop
  • Spring Pea: Heirloom White, Olive Branch, Lime Rickey


  • Parade: Cherry Tomato, Sea Spray, Upper Atmosphere
  • Cloudburst: Rain Storm, Sea Spray, Upper Atmosphere


19 stitches and 36 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch, unblocked


Finished Dimensions: Approximately 7 inches square



You knit this pot holder in the round in garter stitch, then fold it and seam it closed with a 3-Needle Bind Off. At the end of the seam, you cast on and bind off for a hanging loop. You then fold the piece flat, seam the cast-on edge together with a whipstitch and secure the hanging loop.


This video tutorial shows you how to make the Double-Thick Pot Holder’s hanging loop, as well as how to begin the pot holder with a cable cast on!

For even more help with this technique, visit our Cable Cast On Tutorial!


This video walks you through the steps of a 3 Needle Bind Off…

For more help, our 3 Needle Bind Off Tutorial includes still photos and written instructions.


Here’s the whipstitch in action, and be sure to visit our Whipstitch Tutorial for a more thorough explanation!

Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho



Using the Cable Cast On method, cast 96 stitches onto circular needles.

Place marker and join for working in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches.

Round 1: Knit to end of round.

Round 2: Purl to end of round.

Repeat Rounds 1 and 2 twenty-one more times or until piece measures 5 inches from cast-on edge.

Remove marker and fold piece in half so needles are parallel and 48 stitches are on each needle. With a spare needle, bind off using a 3 Needle Bind Off, leaving last two stitches on needle.

Do not cut yarn.


Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho

Using a Cable Cast On, cast on 24 stitches for Hanging Loop. [26 stitches]

Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho

Working back across these stitches, bind off all stitches knitwise.

Cut yarn, leaving an 8-inch tail.

You now have a tube with one end closed by a seam, and at the end of that seam, you have a little knit tail.


Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho

Next you’ll fold and seam the pot holder closed. Let’s break it down step by step.

  • Post Image
  • Post Image

Now, create a double-layer square by folding the piece so that half the cast-on edge is parallel to the other half, and both edges are perpendicular to the bound-off edge, as shown above.

  • Post Image
  • Post Image

With a new length of yarn, seam the two sides of the cast-on edge together using a whipstitch, taking care not to catch the bottom side of the pot holder as you go.


Use the Hanging Loop tail to secure the end of the loop to the corner of the pot holder.

Weave in the remaining ends and block if desired.

Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho
Double-Thick Pot Holder | Purl Soho

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