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Super Soft Merino Bundle


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Super Soft Merino Bundle



Our Super Soft Merino Bundles include seven skeins of this incredibly cozy yarn, each palette a spectrum of beautiful color! Use a Bundle for our Super Easy Crib Blanket, our Stripey Tube Scarf, or whatever else you dream up. The Blanket is a garter stitch rectangle in seven simple stripes, and the Scarf plays with a series of alternating stripes. Both are super fun knits where color plays the starring role! For more information about both free patterns, click Product Details, above.

Product Details

Our Super Soft Merino Bundle includes...

  • 7 skeins of Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino, 100% merino wool

Choose from these palettes...

  • Adobe: Heirloom White, Oatmeal Gray, Honey Pink, Rose Granite, Sea Salt, Oyster Gray, and Turmeric Yellow
  • Dahlia Garden: Yellow Yellow, Turmeric Yellow, Honey Pink, Grapefruit Pink, Super Pink , Purple Clover, and Rose Granite
  • Coastline: Heirloom White, Oyster Gray, Oatmeal Gray, Artemisia Green, Peacock Blue, Stillwater Blue, and Timeless Navy
  • Fig: Heirloom White, Sea Salt, Rose Granite, Lavender Opal, Purple Smoke, Gray Fig, and Trout Brown
  • Garden Fence: Yellow Yellow, Turmeric Yellow, Super Pink, Artemisia Green, Gray Denim, Heirloom White, and Oatmeal Gray
  • Sketchbook: Soft Black, Lucky Magpie, Toasted Charcoal, Heirloom White, Oatmeal Gray, Stillwater Blue, and Salt + Pepper

You’ll also need…

For the Super Easy Crib Blanket

For the Stripey Tube Scarf



11 stitches = 4 inches (for both the Blanket and the Scarf)


Super Easy Crib Blanket
Finished dimensions: Approximately 30 x 32 inches

Stripey Tube Scarf
Finished dimensions: 9 inches wide x 78 inches long
Finished circumference: 18 inches

  • 7 skeins of Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino, 100% merino wool. The six colorways shown above are…
    • Top Row: Macaron, Atmosphere and Pennant
    • Bottom Row: Firefly, Cameo and Bandana

You’ll also need…

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