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Blocking Wires


Blocking Wires

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Deciding how to finish your hand knits can be as important as selecting a method for casting on. Use these Blocking Wires from Knitter's Pride to take your project to the next level of beauty! In conjunction with Cocoknit's Knitter's Block, these Blocking Wires are crucial for the ultimate blocking set-up. Pin and block to the correct size and gauge, even out the tension, and bring stitches to life! For a complete listing of included supplies, click Product Details above.

Product Details

Each Blocking Wires set includes…

  • 15 stainless steel, rust resistant wires in three sizes…
    • Six 38-inch sturdy wires
    • Six 20-inch sturdy wires
    • Three 38-inch flexible wires 
  • 20 T-Pins for pinning wires into place
  • A measuring tape for accuracy