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Umbrella Swift


Umbrella Swift

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Super stable, durable, and easy to use, this steel Umbrella Swift from Daruma pairs perfectly with their Ball Winder to turn your skeins into balls. Or skip the winder and use just this swift for tangle-proof, snag-free hand winding. Simply attach it to a table with the plastic clamps, then untwist your skein and drape it around the open frame. Snip the ties holding the skein together, find an end, and wind away! And a handy little tip, use the little handle on the top for winding balls back into skeins. A must-have for any knitter or crocheter!


Ball Winder

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Super stable and easy to use, the Ball Winder from Daruma turns skeins into balls with a spin! A sturdy metal base adjusts to clamp onto most table edges, and lightweight gears make winding quick and comfortable. Ideal for use with a swift, this Ball Winder handles yarns from fine laceweights to chunky and jumbo weights. Click Add To Basket to include the Ball Winder with your order!