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Slip-N-Snip Folding Scissors


Slip-N-Snip Folding Scissors

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Purl Soho's Slip-N-Snip Folding Scissors keep their sharp blades tucked away until you need them! Hand assembled in the USA by the very same company that invented the originals nearly 50 years ago, our version features beautiful 24K gold-plated zinc handles. The surgical stainless steel blades are precision machined and heat-treated so they will never rust or corrode. Use these super handy snips for clipping any threads, flosses, and yarns and for any other little jobs you encounter on your fiber art adventures... A true craft bag staple!

PLEASE NOTE: Lots of customers have been asking if these scissors are allowed on airplanes. Every country has different rules, but for domestic US flights, the TSA says you can carry on scissors less than 4 inches in length (check!) but that "the final decision rests with the TSA officer" (hmmm). In short, there are no guarantees when it comes to traveling with scissors, and it's always a good idea to bring along a self-addressed stamped envelope just in case!

Product Details

  • Content

    24K gold-plated zinc handles and surgical stainless steel blades

  • Weight

    1 ounce

  • Length

    3.25 inches, folded/ 3.75 inches, open