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Mending Mushroom


Mending Mushroom

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Our Mending Mushrooms give new life to old fabrics! Positioned under a hole in the elbow, a rip in the pillowcase, or a tear in your jeans, Mending Mushrooms create a smooth, hard surface so you can work your needle magic. Handcrafted in the USA out of lovely maple wood, choose from three shapes: Porcini for small jobs (like holes in the knees and elbows), Morel for hard-to-reach areas (like sock toes and mitten tops), and Toadstool for larger mending jobs (like blankets)... Or if your mending basket is full, choose the set of all three! New to mending? Be sure to visit our Basic Mending tutorial for beginner tips and techniques!

Product Details

Made in the USA from sustainably harvested maple wood



  • Porcini: 2¾ inches wide by 3 inches tall
  • Morel: 2 inches wide by 3 inches tall
  • Toadstool: 5inches wide by 5¼ inches tall


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Visible Mending


A great companion to our Mending Mushrooms is Arounna Khounnoraj's Visible Mending, an exploration of why and how we mend. Illustrated instructions demystify mending techniques with projects, like patching jeans, embroidering over tears, dyeing stains, and using Sashiko stitches.