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Driftwood Crochet Hooks


Driftwood Crochet Hooks

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From the Norwegian word for happiness, Lykke crafts their Crochet Hooks out of lightweight laminated birch… Happy-making, indeed! Made to resemble driftwood with a smokey gray finish, these hooks are nice and warm in your hands, and their smooth finish allows stitches to glide along with ease. A black metal cap tops each hook and is stamped with both US and metric sizes for easy identification. Handcrafted in Kathmandu, Nepal, Lykke’s Crochet Hooks are available in sizes US D (3.25 mm) to 12.75 mm and measure 6 inches in length. Check out the Drfitwood Crochet Hook Set here!

Product Details

  • Content

    Laminated birch wood

  • Length

    6 inches