Winter Hats for Everybody | Purl Soho

Our customers are always looking for simple, no-nonsense winter hats. Some people don’t want floppy or funky or trendy or slouchy or sassy. They just want “a hat, you know? A hat…”. This Winter Hat is a classic, timeworn shape and design, good for babies, kids and adults; boys, girls, men and women; country and city.

But, for us, of course, “a hat” is not just a hat. It is a stage, a quiet place for yarn to soliloquize, “I am gorgeous and special yarn gracing the head of this wearer!”. We consider such a quiet place a wonderful opportunity. We dive into our shelves for some of our truly most beautiful yarn, and often we surface with Jade Sapphire’s 100% Mongolian Cashmere.

Winter Hats for Everybody | Purl Soho

Jade Sapphire’s cashmere is the softest yarn I know, a crucial point because nothing is more irritable than a scratchy hat; unless it’s a too bulky hat, one that overzealously does its job and leaves the wearer with a sweaty head and a red overheated face. That’s why the Zageo 6 ply is the perfect hat yarn, thin and lightweight, but, because it’s cashmere, toasty warm and guaranteed not to scratch!

Winter Hats for Everybody | Purl Soho

Our Winter Hats For Everybody pattern includes easy-to-follow directions for three sizes of hats: Baby (3 months to 15 months), Kid (toddler to preteen), and Adult (everybody else!). It also includes instructions for making the stripes just like we did here and also for making three different toppers: an I-cord loop, a pom pom and a little tassel.

Winter Hats for Everybody | Purl Soho

I love the idea of giving the same thing to everybody in my family, from oldest to youngest, from grandpa to niece. I think it’s a wonderful symbol of the season, that we get the same thing because we all have the same needs and desires and that we are, after all, one big family.  -Whitney

Winter Hats for Everybody | Purl Soho

P.S. For perfect pom poms, we suggest you give our new Pom Pom Makers from Clover a try!


Winter Hats for Everybody | Purl Soho

Please Note: Purl Soho Winter Hats for Everybody has been discontinued from purchase. For assistance, please contact us at

We made all three of our Winter Hats for Everybody with theses 4 skeins of Jade Sapphire’s Zageo 6-ply Cashmere, and had enough yarn left over to make two more Baby Hats, or one more Kid Hat or one more Adult Hat. If you would like to modify the pattern with your own ideas of stripes or embellishments, or switch to a different yarn altogether, here are the yardage requirements for the Baby (Kid, Adult) Hat: 85 (130, 165) yards, not including a pom pom hat topper.


24 stitches = 4 inches in stockinette stitch, using larger needle


Baby (Kid, Adult)

  • To fit most babies from 3 to 18 months (kids from toddler to pre-teen, women and men)
  • Finished Circumference: 15 (16 2/3, 18 2/3) inches


Please Note: Purl Soho Winter Hats for Everybody has been discontinued from purchase. For assistance, please contact us at