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  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Swan White
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Gray Willow
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Prussian Blue
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Red Sienna
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Scarlet Orange
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Sweet Pea
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Pale Celery
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Blue Agave
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Blue Sage
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Turquoise Sea
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Midnight Blue
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Deep Aubergine
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Pink Pearl
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Leek Green
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Myrtle Green
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | River Rock
  • Purl Soho | Burnish | Seal Black

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The beauty of bamboo-based Burnish is that it drapes and shines like silk but is more durable, less expensive, machine washable, and 100% vegan. We love that it manifests the refinement and grace of silk without requiring animal products or precious care! Burnish is essentially a rayon, a fiber created by chemically breaking down plant materials (bamboo, in this case) into a pulp, which is then extruded into fibers. We are happy to say that this rayon meets all the eco-toxicological standards required by Europe’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals regulation. One hundred grams of Burnish yield a generous 339 yards of fingering/ sport weight yarn, perfect on needles from US 2 to 6 depending on the piece and the stitch pattern. We’re casting on for scarves, wraps, and sweaters and love the willowy drape and super clean stitch definition!

PLEASE NOTE: The color Turquoise Sea is prone to bleeding. Rinse either the skein or finished project until it runs clear, and avoid using it with other colors.

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Product Details
  • Content

    100% rayon from bamboo

  • Weight

    100 grams (3.5 ounces)

  • Length

    339 yards (310 meters)

  • Gauge

    5.75-7 stitches per inch, fingering or sport weight

  • Suggested Knitting Needle

    US 2-4 (3-3.5 mm)

  • Suggested Crochet Hook

    C-E (2.75-3.5 mm)

  • Recommended Care

    Machine wash delicate cold + lay flat to dry