I am always trying to find ways to wrap myself in more and more swathes of Lanecardate’s amazing Lana Cotta Canberra. Although I’m tempted sometimes just to pull it right off the bolt, this Bound Edge Wool Scarf is nearly as easy as that, only even more beautiful!

Bound Edge Wool Scarf | Purl Soho

I made this lovely Scarf using two long cuts of Lana Cotta Canberra, pieced together at the center and trimmed to a graceful curve at each end. And the Bound Edge finish takes it another level, right past off-the-bolt into out-of-this-world! -Corinne

Bound Edge Wool Scarf | Purl Soho


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  • Main Fabric: 3/4 yard of Lanecardate’s Lana Cotta Canberra or similar knit fabric (56 inches wide), shown above from left to right in Oatmeal, Light Grey, and Medium Grey (PLEASE NOTE: This fabric is unfortunately no longer available.)
  • Binding Fabric: 3/4 yard of medium-weight fabric. We used, shown above from left to right, Kiyohara’s Upholstery Weight Solids in Pink (43 inches wide), Robert Kaufman’s Essex in Rose (43 inches wide), and Kokka’s Lightweight Linen Canvas in Eggplant (43 inches wide).
  • A 110-yard spool of Gutermann’s Cotton Sewing Thread to coordinate with the Main Fabric. We used, shown above from left to right, colors 9045, 9240, and 9280.
  • A Bound Edge Wool Scarf template, printed and prepared

Recommended tools…


Finished dimensions: 12 x 106 inches


  • The right side of the Lana Cotta Canberra wool is the side with the small “V” pattern (as opposed to the side with the ridges).
  • The recommended care for Lanecardate’s Lana Cotta Canberra is dry clean only.



From the Main Fabric

Note: If you’re new to rotary cutting, please check out our Rotary Cutting Tutorial before you start.

Using the rotary cutter with the clear quilting ruler on a self-healing cutting mat, cut two 12-inch strips from selvage to selvage. You will have two pieces that measure approximately 12 x 56 inches each.

NOTE: I used my pieces at full length from selvage to selvage to make an extra long scarf. If you know that you would like your scarf shorter, you can trim the pieces down now. Here’s how . . .

First, determine the final length you would like your scarf to be. Divide this number by 2 and then add 1 to that number. For example, if you would like your finished scarf to measure 90 inches, you would trim your pieces down to 46 inches because 90/2 = 45 + 1 = 46.

Whatever length your strips, now lay one flat with its right side facing up.

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Place the prepared template with its right side facing up on the fabric strip, lining up the template’s bottom edge with a short edge of the fabric strip.

Cut the fabric along the curve of the template.

Now lay the other fabric strip out flat with its wrong side facing up. Place the template and cut the fabric, as described above.

When the two fabric strips lie flat with their right sides facing up, they should be mirror images of each other.

From the Binding Fabric

Cut a series of 1 7/8-inch wide strips on the bias. When assembled, the strips should measure at least 12 inches longer than the full circumference of your Scarf. For our scarves, we cut strips that together measured approximately 240 inches.

Prepare the Binding

NOTE: If you’re new to making bias tape, please check out our Making Single Fold Bias Tape Tutorial before you start.

Piece the bias strips so that they create one long piece, then use the 25mm Bias Tape Maker to create one long piece of single fold binding.

Piece the Scarf

Lay one Main Fabric piece flat with its right side facing up.

Bound Edge Wool Scarf | Purl Soho

Use a clear quilting ruler to measure a line parallel to and ½ inch from the short, straight edge. Place a series of pins to mark the line.

Bound Edge Wool Scarf | Purl Soho

With its right side facing up, place the short, straight edge of the other Main Fabric piece so that it lines up with the marked line of the first piece.

Pin the two pieces together, and remove the pins you used to mark the line.

Bound Edge Wool Scarf | Purl Soho

Sew along the pinned line 1/8 inch in from the cut edge of fabric. Flip the scarf over and sew a second line 1/8 inch from the cut edge of the fabric on the other side. The two stitch lines should run ¼ inch from each other.


Bound Edge Wool Scarf | Purl Soho

Use the prepared single fold binding to bind the edges of the scarf.
For detailed instructions, check out our Sewing on Single Fold Binding Tutorial, keeping the following tips in mind …

  • Be sure not to stretch the binding as you work around the curve.
  • You may find it helpful to trim the seam allowance after sewing the first seam and before folding the binding around the raw edge.

Your scarf is done and ready to wear!

Bound Edge Wool Scarf | Purl Soho