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Frequently Asked Questions: Projects

  • Can I print or save a pattern as a PDF?
    • Yes, you can easily print or save using the PRINT button! If you’re on a desktop version of the site, you will find the Print icon in the right margin just below the Save to Favorites button. If you’re on a mobile version of the site, you will find the Print icon below the pattern and above the comments.
    • Follow the easy on-screen instructions to delete whichever parts of the pattern you don’t want to print or save. For example, you may decide to shorten the pattern by omitting certain images or the list of materials.
  • Where is the Purl Bee on your new site?
    • The Purl Bee is now located under the menu heading "Create." Wherever you see Create, whether on the homepage or in the upper left corner of any page, click it to get to the Purl Bee as you've always known and loved it. Or, just click here right now!
  • Why don't you rate the difficulty of your patterns?
    • We don't rate the difficulty of our patterns because we want people to feel free to try things that are "too hard" for them; we want to encourage people to discover that learning new techniques enriches the process of making; and we don't want to put people in a box that says, "You can make this but not this." We do try to describe the skills involved with a pattern so that customers know what they're getting into, but ultimately, we hope that you will take little leaps into the unknown and find that the satisfaction was worth the challenge! Remember, we're always here to help!
  • I am having a problem with one of your patterns. Can you help me?
    • Yes, we are always happy to help! Just leave your question in the comments section of the project post, and we'll get right back to you. Or, if you’re in the New York City area, feel free to pop into our store where one of our expert salespeople will be very glad to sort you out!
  • Can you let me know when you've posted a new project?
    • Absolutely! Just sign up to receive our newsletter! We always send one about our latest project, and when you join our mailing list, you also get to pick a free Purl Soho pattern to download. Choose from eight of our most popular patterns! If you have any questions about signing up for or receiving our newsletter, be sure to read our FAQs on the subject.
  • Do you ever photograph your projects on people?
    • Yes! We do our best to photograph each of our garments and accessories on a person. If you don't see what you're looking for here on our site, be sure to check out our Instagram feed, where you'll find lots of snapshots of our projects modeled by our retail team and Purl Bee designers.
  • Can I sell the items I make from your patterns?
    • Unfortunately, items made from our patterns cannot be sold or auctioned. All of our patterns are copyrighted and are intended for personal home use only.
  • Can I use your photo on my blog?
    • Yes, we’d love for you to share our photos, just please be sure to credit us by name and to link back directly to our site. Please link to the specific project that is featured in the photo and not to the homepage.
  • Can I submit a project to be featured on the your site?
    • We are always excited to see our readers’ projects, but we are not currently accepting submissions. If there is something you’d like us to see, the best way to share is by posting to Twitter or Facebook or by hashtagging #purlsoho on Instagram.
  • Do you offer classes that teach how to make your projects?
    • Yes! Our Purl Soho store has a classroom staffed by wonderfully informed and patient teachers. To see our upcoming classes, click here, and to find out more about our classes, please visit our Classes FAQ page.