An important (and surprising!) rule of knitting is that you never tie a knot. When you finish a ball of yarn, here’s what you do instead…

Stop knitting with the old ball when there are at least 8 inches of yarn remaining. To begin the new ball, put the right needle into the next stitch. Fold the new yarn, about 8 inches from its end and with the tail on the left.

Place the loop of the new yarn over the right needle, with the tail coming out the back of the work.

Pull the loop through the first stitch on the left needle and allow the stitch to fall off the needle, just like a regular knit stitch!

This leaves two tails, as well as loose stitches and a small hole in the knitting, but never fear, learn to weave in these ends here!

Tip: Try to add the new ball close to the edge of your work so the woven in ends will be as inconspicuous as possible. (We do it in the middle here to clearly show the process.)