I have to admit, there has been a time or two when presented with a fresh new baby that the words “old man” have crossed my mind. I know, I know, I’m being terrible. But listen, even with their little wrinkled brows and gummy grimaces, newborn babies fill me with wonder and overwhelm me with awe. And anyway, what’s so bad about looking like an old man?

Which is why I love the idea of celebrating a baby’s little-old-man-ness with this hat that seems plucked from the head of woodland gnome. Inspired by Joelle’s chunky-weight Pointy Elf Hat from her book More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, this version is in a lace weight cotton, especially designed for the world’s newest inhabitants.

I made these Pointy Hats for Newborns with Habu’s very elegant Nerimaki Cotton Slub. Textured puffs of cotton lend rich character and a soft, natural feel. And a festive sprout of Koigu KPM Needlepoint Yarn is a perfect little pop of color for a perfect little baby, old man wrinkles and all!

We’ve put together six bundles in six different color combinations, from soft and subtle to punchy and bright, for girls, for boys and for the unknown! Choose your favorite right here! -Laura


Pictured above are the six colorways…

  • Nerimaki Cotton Slub in Powder + KPM in 0000
  • Nerimaki Cotton Slub in Natural + KPM in 2130
  • Nerimaki Cotton Slub in Natural + KPM in 2403
  • Nerimaki Cotton Slub in Blue + KPM in 2220
  • Nerimaki Cotton Slub in Smoke + KPM in 2100
  • Nerimaki Cotton Slub in Natural + KPM in 1153


9 1/2 stitches and 13 rows = 1 inch in stockinette stitch


0 to 3 months

  • Finished circumference: 14 inches



With the Main Color, cast on 132 stitches.

Place a marker and join for working in the round, being careful to not twist the stitches.

Round 1: Knit.

Round 2: Purl.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 three more times.

Next Round: Knit.

Continue working in stockinette stitch, knitting each round until piece measures 3 inches from cast on edge.

Shape the Point

Set Up Round: (K44, place marker) two times, knit to end.

Decrease Round: *K2tog, knit to next marker, slip marker, repeat from * to end of round. (3 stitches decreased)

Next Round: Knit.

Repeat previous two rounds 7 more times. (108 stitches)

Repeat Decrease Round every round until 3 stitches remain.

Cut yarn and thread it onto a tapestry needle to draw it through the remaining 3 stitches. Pull tight and bring tail to the inside of hat and weave in.

Add the Tiny Attached Tassel

Cut a 24-inch length of the Contrast Color and thread it onto a tapestry needle.

Pinch the tip of the hat with the middle finger and thumb of your non-sewing hand. Bring the needle through the tip of the hat.

Then over the top of your index finger and back through the tip of the hat.

Repeat this, making as many loops as you want (I made 5 loops).

Tightly wrap the around the base of the loops a few times.

Bring the needle up through the center of the tassel.

Cut through the loops and trim the tassel to whatever length you desire.

Weave in your ends.