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Sweater Brush


Sweater Brush

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Our pretty, little Sweater Brush is a wonderful tool for removing stray threads, lint, and fuzz from your hand knits, coats, upholstery, tablecloths, or whatever fabric needs a bit of a dust off! Made of beech wood with a horsehair bristle, please know that no horses were harmed to make this product (we love horses, too!).

Product Details

  • Content

    Beech wood + horse hair

  • Dimensions

    5 inches long x 2 3/8 inches wide

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Wool Care Bundle

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Our Wool Care Bundle includes lots more supplies for treating your most precious hand knits and delicates, including our Sweater Soap, Spot Soap, Sweater Rake, and Sweater Comb. Perfect for any knitter!