Like so many knitting techniques, there are multiple ways to make a knit hem. The video tutorial, below, shows one favorite method: picking up and knitting together. In the video, we show you how to make a hem both along a cast-on edge, as well as a bind-off edge.

Ready to knit some hems? Our Classic Hemmed Crewneck gives you the chance to work hems along both the cast-on and bind-off edges!

Knit Hem | Purl Soho

Another Method: Start with a Provisional Cast On

Here’s another common method for working a knit hem along a cast-on edge. The following photos are taken from our Classic Mittens.

Use scrap yarn and a provisional cast-on to begin. Work until the piece is double the length of the hem you’d like.

When you’re ready to make the hem, fold up the cast-on edge to align with the working stitches. The wrong sides of the fabric should be facing each other, and the cast-on edge should almost always go behind the working stitches.

Pull out the provisional cast-on, picking up the live stitches with a spare needle.

Holding the working needle and spare needle parallel to each other, knit 1 stitch from the front (working) needle together with 1 stitch from the back (spare) needle.

Repeat to end of round (or row).

Put It to the Test

Put all you’ve learned here to the test with our Over-the-Top Top, which features hemmed edges… but with the purl side out!

Knit Hem | Purl Soho