We’re starting to get pretty excited about the upcoming weekend travel season: leaf peeping getaways, jaunts to the apple-picking orchard, and the trip home for Thanksgiving. In preparation, we’ve sewn up a new set of our classic Overnighter Bags, now in a warm and natural palette of Purl Soho’s Warsa Linen.

Overnighter Bag in Warsa Linen | Purl Soho

Warsa Linen is a wonderful fabric for a bag, since it’s strong and sturdy but still fairly lightweight and unbulky… Plus, it’s totally beautiful. The Overnighter Bag is a very straightforward sew, so don’t let the zipper intimidate you.

Overnighter Bag in Warsa Linen | Purl Soho

Our pattern walks you through every step, and in the end you get this great bag, perfect for autumn adventures! -Molly


In addition to our Overnighter Bag pattern you’ll need…

  • 3/4 yard of Purl Soho’s Warsa Linen. We used Peach, Ochre, Midnight, Fig, and Pale Pink.
  • A 110-yard spool of Gutermann’s Cotton Sewing Thread to match the linen. We used colors 1680, 1661, 6210, 6170, and 5070 (respectively).
  • A 110-yard spool of Gutermann’s Cotton Sewing Thread to match the zipper and webbing. We used color 1240.
  •  3 yards of Purl Soho’s 1 ¼-inch Sangle Cotton Webbing in Natural
  • A 27-inch Non-Separating Zipper in Ivory
  • 5 1/2 yards of Purl Soho’s 7/8-inch Bias Tape by the Yard in Natural


10¾ inches tall x 19 inches long x 6¾ inches deep

Overnighter Bag in Warsa Linen | Purl Soho


The Overnighter Bag pattern is available for purchase as a hard copy or and as a downloadable PDF.

Overnighter Bag in Warsa Linen | Purl Soho