Sometimes the most original and creative things are devised because of, and not despite, limitations. These constraints can be practical, like using old clothes or flour sacks to create beautiful quilts, but sometimes they are self-imposed. Think of Piet Mondrian and the De Stijl movement using only primary colors and simple shapes or Henri Matisse creating masterpieces using just scissors and colored paper. 

These Modular Felt Coasters work within the limitations of a grid using only 2-inch squares and right triangles, but the process of creating these coasters is pure invention, much more like play than work! I love how each coaster evolves into its own little treasure, amazingly different from the others despite the similarity of their components.

In addition to being super fun to make, these Modular Felt Coasters are also super simple. Just cut and hand stitch! No machine required, so tuck a Felt Bundle into your carry on or weekend tote. And when you’re done, slip your new coasters under some tall, beachy drinks!


Modular Felt Coasters Brighter-6

You will also need straight pins and an embroidery needle.

These materials will make 10 coasters. If you’d like to make more, you should know that you will get eight coaster backings from an 18 x 18-inch Precut piece and 2 coasters backings from a Bundle piece. You will be able to embellish at least 20 coasters from all the colored felt.


4 inches square



Modular Felt Coasters Brighter

From the 18 x18-inch square piece and the smaller piece of the same color from the Bundle cut twenty 4-inch squares. These are the Backing Pieces.

From each piece of the other colors in the Bundle cut two 2 X 8-inch strips.

From these strips cut eight 2-inch squares.

Cut three of these squares in half diagonally to create six 2-inch right triangles.

These are all the Modular Pieces.


Modular Felt Coasters Brighter-2

Now comes the fun part! Arrange several Modular Pieces on a Square Piece in a pleasing layout. Pin the pieces into place.

Cut an 18-inch length of the Pearl Cotton and tie a knot at the end. Thread it onto an embroidery needle and pull it through the back of the Square Piece to begin sewing on one of the Modular Pieces. You will be sewing along the edges of the Modular Pieces to sew them in place but only around the edges that lie inside the Square and not along the Square’s four sides. (You will sew these sides down in the next step.)

Modular Felt Coasters Brighter-3

Sew all of the inside sides of the Modular Pieces down with a small running stitch, hiding the beginning and ending knots at the back of the Square Piece. This is the coaster’s Top.

Modular Felt Coasters Brighter-4

Pin a second Square Piece to the back of the Top around all four sides.

Cut a 24-inch length of thread and tie a knot at the end and then, entering in between the two Square layers of felt, stitch all of the layers of the coaster together with a small running stitch.

Modular Felt Coasters Brighter-5

When you have gone all the way around, pull the needle out at the back of the coaster and tie a French Knot (link) at the exit point.  Pull the needle through just the back layer, exiting about an inch away. Snip the thread at the exit point to hide the end.

Repeat for the remaining Pieces and you’re all done!