I’m only 35, but I’ve already compiled a to-do list for my retirement: I’m going to get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, bake bread and see the world. While I’m busy planning, my parents are actually living the retirement dream. My mom has opened a pottery studio and my dad has started making digital movies, but mostly, they travel, exploring all the wonderful places on their to-do list.

Before his retirement I could always make my dad a tie but these days he doesn’t have much use for formal stuff like that. So, for my dad’s new globetrotting lifestyle, I’m celebrating this Father’s Day with these super simple Drawstring Shoe Bags. With Robert Kaufman’s Double Cloth Cotton, an amazing two-sided fabric that gives a nice contrasting pop at the top of the drawstring channel, these bags are perfectly designed for quick crafting and tidy packing!

If, like me, you’ve got a travelling dad (or maybe a grad who’s off on a new adventure) these Drawstring Shoe Bags are just the ticket. With just a half a yard of Double Cloth Cotton, 2 yards of Fettucia Ribbon and some thread, you can sew up this thoughtful gift in a matter of minutes! Happy Father’s Day! -Molly


 Father's Day Shoe Bag.600-10


Finished size: 14 ½  X 15 3/4 inches


Prewash and dry the fabric.

Backstitch at the beginning and end of each seam.

I used the lighter sides of my fabrics as the wrong side, but you could reverse them if you like.



Cut the fabric into a 15-inch X 34-inch rectangle.

Cut the ribbon into two 34-inch lengths.


Zigzag stitch across both of the 15-inch edges of the rectangle. This will control fraying along the drawstring channel later.

Father's Day Shoe Bag2 600

With right sides together, press the rectangle in half widthwise so that the 15-inch sides meet up with each other. The 15-inch sides are now the top of the bag and the fold is the bottom. Pin the left and right sides together, leaving the top open.

Using a ¼-inch seam allowance, sew the left and right sides together, stopping 2 inches from the top.

Father's Day Shoe Bag.600-2

Turn the bag right side out and press it flat, taking care to poke out the corners. Pin the left and right sides together once again.

Using a ½-inch seam allowance, sew along the left and right pinned edges, again stopping 2 inches from the top of the bag. The first ¼-inch seams will be encased in this seam, and the top of the bag will be unfinished and flare out a bit, as in the photo above.

Father's Day Shoe Bag.600-3

Fold open the front flap at the top of the bag. Press one of the vertical unfinished sides of the back flap ¼ inch twice towards the wrong side and pin this fold down.  Repeat for the other vertical side of the back flap.

Father's Day Shoe Bag1.600

Edgestitch down these folds.

Repeat for the front flaps.

Father's Day Shoe Bag.600-5

Press the top edge of the front flap ¼ inch towards the right side. Then fold the front flap over 1 inch towards the right side and pin this fold into place. Repeat for the back flap.

Edgestitch down these folds to create the front and back drawstring channels.

Adding the Drawstrings

Father's Day Shoe Bag.600-6

Thread one of the lengths of ribbon onto the bodkin (or use a big tapestry needle or a safety pin).

Push the bodkin into the front channel at its right-hand side. Pull the ribbon through the channel, exiting at the left, and then pull the bodkin through the back channel from left to right. Tie the two ends together in an overhand knot at the right side.

Father's Day Shoe Bag.600-7

Add the second drawstring by entering the front channel from the left, pulling the ribbon through the front channel, exiting at the right, and then pulling the bodkin through the back channel from right to left.

Father's Day Shoe Bag.600-8

Tie the two ends together in an overhand knot at the left side.

Father's Day Shoe Bag.600-9

Just pull on the drawstrings’ ends to cinch the your new Shoe Bag closed!