A few months ago, I designed a Sherpa-lined Winter Baby Bonnet to protect my infant daughter from the hibernal elements. Now as the seasons are changing, I realize that my winter baby is, well, still a baby. She is still in need of a hat to protect her delicate skin, now, from the bright sun of these warmer days!

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

But, I’ll admit, that when designing this Baby Sunbonnet, I had more than just practicality in mind. I’m a sucker for a baby in a classic bonnet! I love how the visor and chin ties create the perfect silhouette, allowing just her chubby cheeks to peak out. And, in Liberty of London prints, these hats are as timeless as they are sweet.

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

Because they don’t stay babies forever, our free Baby Sunbonnet pattern is available in sizes 0–24 months. So, no matter if your little one is big enough to toddle around this spring or is still just snuggled in your arms, she’ll look good doing it. Oh, and the sun will be out of her eyes too.  – Corinne

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho


Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

These are enough materials to make one hat in any size.


0-3 (3-6, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24) months


To print the PDF template, be sure to first download the pattern and then print it. This means rather than simply clicking the link and opening the PDF in a browser window, you should click on the pattern link using the “right click” or “control click” option on your mouse or keyboard. This will give you the option to “Download the linked file.” Once the file is downloaded, it should print like a charm!

Prewash all fabrics before starting.

Use ¼-inch seam allowances unless otherwise noted.



Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

Use the prepared template to cut one Visor from the Outer Fabric, the Lining Fabric and the Interfacing.

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

Use the prepared template to cut two Hat Sides from  both the Outer Fabric and the Lining Fabric. Cut one Hat Side with the right side of the fabric facing up and one with the wrong side of the fabric facing up. The two Hat Sides from the same fabric should be mirror images of each other.

Cut one 3 ½ by 9 ½ (3 ½ by 10 ¼, 3 ¾ by 11 ¼, 3 ¾ by 12 ½, 3 ¾ by 12 ¾)–inch rectangle from both the Outer Fabric and the Lining Fabric.

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

From the Outer Fabric, cut two rectangles 1 1/8 inch wide and at least 12 inches long. These will be the Ties. The longer you cut the rectangles, the longer the Ties will be.

Piece the Outer Hat

Note: For this section use only the Outer Fabric pieces.

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

With right sides facing, pin one long edge of the large rectangle to the long outside curve of one of the Hat Sides. It can be tricky to keep curved seams wrinkle-free, so use a lot of pins to ensure that the seam will come out un-puckered and smooth. Sew around the pinned curve. This is a Side Seam.

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

Cut notches in the seam allowance along the curve.

Repeat with the other Hat Side and the other long side of the rectangle for the second Side Seam.

This is the Outer Hat.

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

With right sides facing, line up the straight edge of the Visor with the straight front edge of the Outer Hat. Pin in place.

Sew along the pinned edge.

Press the seam towards the Outer Hat.

Prepare the Lining Visor

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl SohoTrim off ¼ inch from the straight edge of the Interfacing Visor.
Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

Line up the trimmed, straight edge of the Interfacing Visor with the straight edge of the Lining Fabric Visor.

Fuse in place following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Piece the Lining

Note: For this section use only the Lining Fabric pieces.

Piece the Hat Sides, Rectangle and Visor in the same way that you pieced the Outer Hat.

This is the Lining.

Make and Attach the Ties

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

Using the two small rectangles of Outer Fabric and the 12mm bias tape maker, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make two single fold strips of tape.

Fold each piece in half lengthwise, press and edgestitch along the long open sides.

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

At one end of each strip, tie a small knot to finish the ends.

These are the Ties.

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

Pin the short raw edge of a Tie to the raw neck edge of the Outer Hat at the Visor seam.

Sew in place with a 1/8-inch seam allowance.

Repeat with the other Tie on the other side of the Outer Hat.

Attach the Outer Hat and Lining

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

With right sides together, slide the Lining inside the Outer Hat. Pin the pieces together along all edges, making sure the Ties are tucked between the layers.

Sew around the pinned edge, leaving the end of the rectangle at the nape of the neck open. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam.

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

Pull the Hat right side out through the unsewn gap. Press the edge flat.


Sew the gap at the nape of the neck closed using a ladder stitch. For detailed instructions and photographs, please check out the Winter Baby Bonnet project here and scroll down to the “Finish” section.

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

Fold one Side Seam at the nape of the neck towards the Visor ¼ inch so it makes a small pucker. Hand sew the fold using a slip stitch and work from the neck edge up ¼ inch.

Repeat with the other Side Seam.

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho

You’re all done!

Baby Sunbonnet | Purl Soho