I just can’t get enough of Purl Soho’s new yarn, Super Soft Merino. I am over-the-moon excited about this beautiful chunky-weight yarn. And, I’m not alone… Since its arrival, we’ve all been knitting up our dreamiest ideas of winter coziness!


Now we bring you two Purl Bee classics re-conceived in Super Soft Merino for a fresh look and a wintertime feel! First, the Super Easy Crib Blanket in Super Soft Merino borrows the classic striping from the baby-sized original, but at 2 3/4 stitches to the inch it requires fewer cast-on stitches and knits up to a bigger crib size.

With voluminous stitches and a luxurious loft, this blanket is as soft and gentle as a cloud! Click here for the free pattern and for Purl Soho’s Yarn for Super Easy Crib Blanket in Super Soft Merino kits click right here!

And second, the Chevron Baby Blanket in Super Soft Merino uses a single strand of Super Soft Merino, rather than the original’s two strands of cotton. We also changed up the striping, playing this time with whimsical irregularity.

The chevron stitch combined with the chunky weight yarn creates a dense and toasty baby blanket, perfect for floor or stroller time!  Click right here for this free pattern!

If you haven’t knit with Super Soft Merino yet, you too may find that you can’t get enough. It’s truly a pleasure! -Laura