One of my very first sewing projects was a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day pillow. Under the fearless tutelage of my kindergarten teachers Pat and Dot, I first sewed together two pieces of bright red flannel. Then, with my shakey five-year-old handwriting, I embroidered “I Love You” in thick white wool. We all took our time using blunt needles to spell out those three little words, and I remember feeling so proud when I presented it to my mom.

This year I’m revisiting that homey, straight-from-the-heart kind of Valentine gift with these hand stitched little Felt Candy Hearts. They’re great for storing candy, notes and trinkets and are truly as easy as pie to sew. I love to think of the happy pride kids will have when they bring to school their very own sewn-with-care Felt Candy Hearts. I remember that feeling well!

So grab a bundle of our ultra easy-to-use 100% Wool Felt (I used the pretty Fuchsia colorway) and some cheerful DMC pearl cotton, and get started, teacher! — Molly

PS: For more speedy to sew felt Valentine’s project ideas please check out the following journals (listed clockwise from top left):

Happy Valentine’s Day!


To make up to 48 felt pouches:



For each heart cut out a back, bottom, and top piece.

Cut a 20-inch length of pearl cotton. Thread it onto an embroidery needle and tie a knot at the end.


Using a small running stitch sew along the bottom of the top piece as shown above.

Place the bottom piece on top of the back piece with their edges flush.

Place the newly sewn top piece on the back and bottom pieces and pin all three pieces together.

Using a small running stitch sew around the perimeter of the heart.

Tie a knot at the back of the heart once you get all the way around and cut the thread.

It will have an overlap opening where you can stash candy and treats!

Repeat for your desired number of hearts and you’ll be all done!