Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Mari‘s adorable baby daughter Julia. She was wearing the cutest little outfit, including a hand-knit sweater, topped off by a tiny little snap clip barrette in her hair. I had never seen such a teeny tiny barrette. It was so cute that I decided then and there that I would make a project using a set of barrettes just like it.

Last year for Valentines Day I made Rose Barrettes using a more normal sized snap clip and they were a big hit. So this year I decided to use the same method to make a smaller heart shaped barrette using these newly discovered tiny snap clips which were surprisingly easy to find at the drug store.  They work perfectly in big girl’s hair too.  Once I got started I was totally addicted. I ended up making numerous versions and over 40 (!) little barrettes! They were so easy and fun to sew and I loved imagining the babies and little girls I know wearing them on Valentines Day.

This is the kind of project that felt was invented for. The bright, saturated colors of our Fuchsia felt bundle are so fun and Valentine-y and the fact that it doesn’t need to be hemmed make sewing with it a snap. You could make a few of these for every little girl you know in an evening with no problem!


To make 21 hair clips:


roughly 1-inch wide


Attaching the Clip

All three versions of the barrettes have the hair clip attached in the same manner:

Snip a tiny hole on one side of the back felt piece.

Slide the arm section of the clip through this little hole and snap the clip shut.

The outside of the snap clip will be on the front of the back piece.

And the arm section will be on the back side of the back piece.

After you sew the felt pieces together as directed for the specific version you are making the back should look like the picture above, with the arm section of the clip exposed and able to open and shut.

Plain Sewn Hearts

These plain sewn hearts could not be simpler to make!

  • Using the template cut two large hearts from one color of felt, a back piece and a front piece.
  • Attach the hair clip to the back felt piece.
  • Place the front felt piece on top of the back piece so the front piece covers the front of the snap clip. Sew the front piece to the back piece with a small running stitch.
  • Repeat for the remaining colors of felt.

Pinked Hearts

These pinked hearts really look like miniature Valentines! It uses two colors of felt of your choice which will be referred to as color A (for the front piece) and color B (for the pinked back piece).

  • Using the template cut one large heart from color A
  • Using the template trace the outline of a large heart from color B with a pencil or fabric marker. Using pinking shears cut around the outside of this traced marking as shown above. Make sure the zig zags look neat.
  • Flip the (color B) back piece over so that the pencil markings are on the back. Attach the snap clip to the back piece.
  • Place the (color A) front piece on top of the back piece and center it so that the pinked edges are framing it neatly.
  • Sew the front piece to the back piece with a small running stitch.
  • Repeat for other color combinations.

Framed Hearts

The little hearts within hearts on these barrettes are so sweet and so easy to do! This version also uses two colors of your choosing: Color A for the front and back, and color B for the mini heart.

  • Using the template cut out two large hearts from color A and one small heart from color B
  • Sew the small heart to the center of the front piece with three small running stitches.
  • Attach the snap clip to the back piece
  • Sew the front piece to the back piece along the edge of the heart with a small running stitch.
  • Repeat for other color combinations.