Tangles n Knots

Chinese Knotting Cord, 1.4mm

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Tangles n Knots

Chinese Knotting Cord, 1.4mm

Chinese Knotting Cord is a round nylon cord that is braided for strength. It has a core cord running through its center which helps to maintain the cord's stiffness and round shape. Chinese Knotting Cord holds knots tightly with a beautiful grip, and its ends can be sealed with a flame. Use Chinese Knotting Cord for friendship bracelets, charm chains, drawstrings, even fringe! It comes in lots of fun colors, and each bobbin is 10 yards. This is the 1.4-mm size; also available in a 1-mm size.
Product Details
  • Content

    100% Nylon

  • Length

    10 yards

  • Thickness

    1.4 millimeters