Purl Soho

Woven Plaid Scarf Bundle


Purl Soho

Woven Plaid Scarf Bundle


Nothing replaces a woven plaid for simplicity and sheer beauty. Purl Soho's Line Weight yarn gives the Purl Bee's Woven Plaid Scarf a very special feeling, unexpectedly gentle and elegant! Choose the Complete bundle which includes a 15-inch Cricket Loom, a 15-inch 12 dent reed and 7 skeins of Line Weight 100% merino wool: 3 skeins of Heirloom White and 1 each of Oyster Gray, Storm Gray, Yellow three 11 x 81-inch scarves!

Product Details

Our Woven Plaid Scarf Bundle includes...

  • 7 skeins of Purl Soho’s Line Weight, 100% merino wool. (This is enough yarn for exactly three scarves if you alter the plaid pattern for each scarf.) The colors are, from the top…
    • Color A: 1 skein of Storm Gray
    • Color B: 1 skein of Oyster Gray
    • Color C: 1 skein of Yellow Yellow
    • Color D: 1 skein of Super Pink
    • Main Color: 3 skeins of Heirloom White


If you already have a loom but would like the 7 skeins of Line Weight, that’s an option too. 


You'll also need...



Finished Dimensions: 11 inches wide x 81 inches long with a 1/2-inch fringe




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