Purl Soho

Woven Plaid Scarf Bundle


Purl Soho

Woven Plaid Scarf Bundle


Nothing's better than a woven plaid for simplicity and sheer beauty. Purl Soho's Line Weight yarn gives our Woven Plaid Scarf a very special feeling, unexpectedly gentle and elegant! This Bundle includes the seven skeins of Line Weight 100% merino wool you'll need to make this pretty scarf. You'll also need Schacht Spindle Company’s 15-inch Cricket Loom (or other rigid-heddle loom) and a 15-inch, 12 dent Cricket Reed. For more information, please click Product Details, above!

Product Details

Our Woven Plaid Scarf Bundle includes...

  • 7 skeins of Purl Soho’s Line Weight, 100% merino wool. (This is enough yarn for exactly three scarves if you alter the plaid pattern for each scarf.) The colors are, from the top…
    • Color A: 1 skein of Fieldstone Gray (NOTE: The finished scarf pictured here used Storm Gray for Color A. It has since been discontinued and replaced in this Bundle with Fieldstone Gray, which is very slightly darker than Storm Gray and also a bit heathered. We think it's a beautiful replacement!)
    • Color B: 1 skein of Oyster Gray
    • Color C: 1 skein of Yellow Yellow
    • Color D: 1 skein of Super Pink
    • Main Color: 3 skeins of Heirloom White


You'll also need...



Finished Dimensions: 11 inches wide x 81 inches long with a 1/2-inch fringe


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