Value Study Scarf Bundle


Value Study Scarf Bundle

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Our Value Study Scarf is like a record of the ways sunlight and breeze skim the landscape, gentle shifts across a meadow or the sea, a beach or the desert. The effect is created when the un-dyed shades of Sweetgrass move from light to dark against a single-color backdrop of Linen Quill: Sweetgrass's tidy spin of organic cotton and superfine alpaca meets the windswept, bright beauty of Linen Quill! Get all the yarn you need to cast on for this garter-stitch beauty with our Value Study Scarf Bundle, and for more information about materials, sizes, and gauge, just click Product Details, above.


Our Value Study Scarf Bundle includes…

  • Yarn A: 1 (2) skeins of Purl Soho’s Linen Quill, 50% fine highland wool, 35% alpaca and 15% linen. Each skein is 439 yards; approximately 439 (643) total yards required. We used Eggshell Blue.
  • Yarns B-F: 5 skeins of Purl Soho’s Sweetgrass, 65% organic cotton and 35% superfine alpaca. Each skein is 437 yards; approximately 102 (146) total yards required. The colors of Yarns B-F are…
    • Yarn B: 1 skein of Heirloom White
    • Yarn C: 1 skein of Pale Sesame
    • Yarn D: 1 skein of Buckwheat Beige
    • Yarn E: 1 skein of Rye Flour
    • Yarn F: 1 skein of Walnut Shell

You will also need…

NOTE: Although you’ll knit this scarf flat, you’ll need to be able to knit stitches from both ends of the needles, which is why circular needles are required.


24 stitches and 52 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch


Narrow (Wide)

Finished Dimensions: 9 (15) inches wide x 70 inches long