Brown Paper Package's Trio is a seriously elegant Swiss needlepoint yarn. A blend of silk and merino, its beautiful shine and richly saturated palette make it a stunning choice for cross-stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, and even knitting and crochet! Trio is a 3-ply yarn. Use 1 ply for 18:1 or 20:1 mesh canvases; 2 plies for 12:1 or 13:1 mesh; and 3 plies for 10:1 mesh.
Product Details
  • Content

    50% Wool, 50% Silk

  • Length

    14.4 Yards

  • Gauge

    Use 1-ply 18:1 or 20:1 mesh; 2-plys 12:1 or 13:1 mesh; and 3-ply 10:1 mesh.


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