A slip slip knit (or ssk) is a very common single decrease characterized by its left-leaning slant. Ssk’s are often used in cahoots with the right-leaning knit 2 together (k2tog), shaping everything from toes of socks to necklines of sweaters.

To work an ssk, you slip one stitch knitwise with the yarn in back (wyib) from the left needle to the right needle, then you slip one stitch purlwise wyib. Next, insert the tip of the left needle knitwise into the two slipped stitches on the right needles. Notice how the stitches and needles look a lot like you’re about to knit two together. That’s exactly what you should do! Wrap the working yarn counter clockwise around the right needle and pull the yarn through both stitches and allow them to fall off the needle. That’s it… A left-leaning new stitch on the right needle and one less stitch overall!