Needlepoint: Fancy Stitch | Purl Soho

Pictured above is our New Year’s Needlepoint Clutch (you can learn how to make your own right here!). It features a stitch pattern known as the Fancy Stitch. A perfectly named stitch for a perfectly fantastic night of the year. Check out the tutorial below! Also, if you are interested in a tutorial on the basic Basketweave Stitch, you can find it here. Happy Needlepointing!

First: The Diamond Shape

Needlepoint: Fancy Stitch | Purl Soho

As with any stitch, begin by bringing your threaded needle through the canvas from back to front, leaving a short tail in the back of the fabric. You will work the first several stitches over the tail to secure your floss.

For the first portion of the pattern, you will work in horizontal rows. Come to the front of the canvas at A and push the needle through to the back at B. Come to the front at C and go to the back at D. Continue in this fashion.

Once you have completed the diamond shapes, it is time to move on to the diagonal stitches that outline these diamonds.

Next: The Diagonal Stitches

Needlepoint: Fancy Stitch | Purl Soho

Bring your threaded needle from the back of the canvas to the front at 1. Push the needle through to the back at 2. Come to the front at 3 and to the back at 4. Continue in this fashion.

Stitch Tips

When jumping this many holes on a canvas, often times you will find it nicer to use a yarn that is a bit thicker than if you were stitching Continental or Basketweave. Also, while this stitch is absolutely lovely, it is not as durable a stitch as a Tent (Continental or Basketweave) stitch.