Imagine a group of extra-terrestrials gathered in a living room. They’re poking and prodding a stack of coasters; and once condensation is explained to them and the subsequent ring on the table’s surface is demonstrated, they all start bleeping and nodding their heads. Then they ask in their inter-galactic native tongue if it would be okay to take the coasters home with them… as proof of civilized life on Earth.

I doubt this set of Pin Loom Coasters will be leaving the galaxy anytime soon, but in the interim, I’m happy to have them around! They’re fresh and summery, cute and simple, and very civilizing.

To make these pretty little squares I picked up Schacht Spindle Co’s fabulous Zoom Loom. An updated version of a classic pin loom, the Zoom Loom is thoughtfully designed with smart details that make weaving a breeze. And now my head is swimming with ideas for all the things I’ll make with my new skill: cute pockets, sachet pillows, gingham placemats, even blankets!

Enjoy weaving in the palm of your hand… And make sure you whip up a few extras for any, ahem, visitors. -Whitney


  • A Zoom Loom from Schacht Spindle Co
  • For the Main Yarn: 1 skein of Cascade’s Cascade 220, 100% pure new wool. We used the color Natural.
  • For the Contrast Yarns: 4 skeins of Koigu KPM Needlepoint Yarn, 100% merino. We used the colors #1150, #2100, #1263, and #1503.

This is enough yarn for a total of 16 coasters, 4 in each color. (You might even be able to eke out a fifth!)


3 5/8 x 3 5/8 inches



With the Main Yarn, warp the first three layers according to the Zoom Loom’s instructions. Cut the yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail.

Leaving a 6-inch tail, wrap the Contrast Yarn around the loom 5 times. Cut the yarn.

Remove the Contrast Yarn from the loom and thread it onto the weaving needle (included with the Zoom Loom). Weave according to the instructions, starting at corner 1…

…and ending at corner 4.

Weaving in the Ends

At corner 4 (with the yarn still on the weaving needle), bring the needle over the first two warp threads and then follow the same weave pattern as the last row you wove.

Thread the other Contrast Yarn tail onto the weaving needle (at Corner 2), and bring it under the first two warp threads. Follow along the pattern of the first row you wove.

Thread the Main Yarn tail at Corner 2 onto the weaving needle. Inserting the needle between the first and second pin of the bottom row, weave over the first thread and under the next three, then follow along the pattern of the adjacent warp thread to the end of the row.

Thread the other Main Yarn tail (at Corner 1) onto the weaving needle. Weave under the first three threads, then follow along the pattern of the adjacent warp thread to the end of the row.

Here’s how the coaster looks before you remove it from the loom:

Gently remove the coaster from the loom and trim the ends on the back side.

And now make some more!