I’m starting to think that there is something in the water. Friends, left and right, are turning up pregnant. Thrilled with the good news, I’ve become a receivin’-blanket-makin’ machine. No sooner am I done with one, then I am on to the next. With each blanket I find myself guessing baby names, picturing my friends in the role of ‘Mom’ and imagining the nervous excitement of the dads-to-be.

I am so happy sitting with this super soft flannel draped in my lap, hypnotized by the rhythm of crochet and the feeling of merino wool as it winds through my fingers. The soft touch of these remarkable materials soothes me in the same way I know it will the new babes!

While it is a pleasure to make these Receiving Blankets, it is an even greater joy to think of them in use. The foggy, warm stripes of Ecrulet’s Flannel and the crisp, rich colors of Koigu’s merino combine in such pretty harmony, that I can’t wait to see my friends’ littles bundles all wrapped up inside!

Congrats to all those expecting! –Laura

PS: Check out Molly’s Lap Duvets for more ideas on how to use Ecrulet’s magnificent Flannel Stripes!


To make one 41-inch by 41-inch blanket:


Cut and Wind

Cut the fabric into a 42-inch by 42-inch square.

Wind the yarn into a ball. Place it to the side for now.

Pin and Sew

Fold and press each edge of the fabric 1/4-inch toward the wrong side. Fold and press each edge 1/4-inch toward the wrong side once more. Pin the folds in place and machine sew down with an edgestitch.

Crochet the Edge

Orient the fabric so the front is facing you and the stripes are vertical.

Begin approximately 1 inch from a corner. Insert hook just below the hemmed edge, into the middle of a stripe. Pull a loop through. Grab the yarn from the back and pull it through the loop you just made.

Insert hook back through the same hole, and make a single crochet along the edge of the fabric.

*Chain one.

Insert hook into the next stripe, and make a single crochet.

Insert hook back through the same hole, and make a single crochet

Insert hook through the same hole, for a third time. Make a single crochet.

Repeat from * until you reach the corner.

Turn the Corner

After you’ve made a cluster of single crochets right before  the corner, chain 3 (rather than 1). For the next stitch (the first of the new side), insert the hook into the last hold you made, as pictured above.

Now that you have turned the corner, you no longer has stripes to guide your placement. You can mark the fabric every 1/4 to 5/8-inch using a Chaco Marker if you would like a guide or you can just eye-ball it.

Continue around the 2nd, 3rd and 4th edge of the blanket, turn the 4th corner and work up to the stripe where you first began.

Connect at the End

Chain one.

Insert hook into the first stripe, where you began, and make a single crochet.

Cut yarn and pull through. Using a tapestry needle, weave in your ends.

You have done it!

Now you can do it again to make a pair!!!