These simple monogrammed cuff links are an elegant way to show your Dad you’re thinking about him this Fathers Day. Alternatively, they would be a great gift for the groom’s party for those of you planning a wedding! –Molly




The way this project is put together is very similar to my Embroidered Covered Button Project. You might want to look there too for more inspiration.


On the Muslin, trace around both cuff links at least 2-inches apart with your Choco Pen.


Make a mark 7/16-inch (or just shy of 1/2-inch if you’re ruler isn’t that precise) from the edge of each circle.


Place the pivoting point of the compass in the center of one of the blue circles and adjust the compass so that the marking end meets the mark you made in the previous step. Draw a larger circle around the first blue circle with this diameter. Repeat for the second blue circle.


Draw the monograms inside the inner circles. My dad’s initials are J.S. but of course you could do any letters or small shapes you like.

Put the fabric in the embroidery hoop and embroider the monograms using a tiny backstitch. (If you need an embroidery refresher course check out our Embroidery Tutorial at this link.)


Once the letters are embroidered draw a small circle around them, making sure it’s completely contained within the first blue circle. Stitch a running stitch around this circle.


When embroidering something this small it’s really important that the back of the work is neat. Weave your the ends in to the work and keep the knots to a minimum. Again if you have any more questions about this please check out the embroidery section of my Embroidered Buttons Tutorial at this link.



Cut out the pieces along the compass marks.


Spray the pieces with water until they are really wet. The blue lines will disappear. Press with a hot iron until dry. It may take a couple of rounds of wetting and ironing to completely erase the blue marker, so repeat as necessary.


The covers for these cuff links are basically just tiny yo-yos. (Heather Bailey has a great yo-yo tutorial on her website if you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about.)

Thread a needle with your white thread and tie a knot at the end. Using a small running stitch sew a 1/16-inch hem all around the circle. The hem should fold onto the wrong side of the circle.


Go all the way around the circle as shown above. DO NOT CUT THE THREAD! Keep the thread on the needle.


Cut a piece of the batting in the same size as the head of the cuff link.









Place this little batting bit in the center of the muslin piece on the wrong side.


Place a cuff link  firmly on the batting.


Pull the thread to cinch the fabric around the stem of the cuff link.

Once its in place, pull it very tight and tie a little knot on one of the pleats as near to the center as possible.

Wrap the thread around the base of the cuff link several times tightly and then tie another knot.


Hide the thread end inside the gathers and clip it. The back should look like this.

Repeat for the second cuff link and you’ll be done!