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True Stripes Blanket Bundle

BY Purl Soho


True Stripes Blanket Bundle

BY Purl Soho

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Cast on a True Stripes Blanket in Plein Air and enjoy this simple, striking knit!

  • To make the stripes, you knit in easy garter stitch rows, switching directions between stripes to create graphic impact (and to make the knitting super fun)!
  • And since you attach each row as you go, there’s no sewing… Just weave in your ends, and voilà!
  • A beautiful mix of 67% merino wool and 33% organically grown cotton, Plein Air combines the best of both the animal and plant worlds. The wool lends body to the yarn so that it’s airy and lofty, while the cotton adds a pleasant weight so that your finished blanket drapes perfectly over your lap.
  • Plein Air’s colors have a gorgeous heathered quality that comes from the slight difference in how the wool and cotton absorb dye, and the True Stripes Blanket makes lovely use of its lively colors to create bold stripes against an Heirloom White background.

Get started with a True Stripes Blanket Bundle. They come in six pretty, tonal palettes and are available in crib and throw sizes… A very easy way to cast on!

Product Details


Our True Stripes Blanket Bundle contains all the yarn you’ll need for a Crib (Throw) size blanket and comes in six tonal palettes. Each one includes…

  • Purl Soho’s Plein Air, 67% merino wool and 33% organically grown cotton. Each skein is 218 yards/ 100 grams.
    • Main Color (MC): 6 (9) skeins; approximately 1170 (1810) total yards required
    • Contrast Color 1 (CC1): 3 (4) skeins; approximately 540 (870) total yards required
    • Contrast Color 2 (CC2): 2 (3) skeins; approximately 360 (595) total yards required


Samples: We used the Red Birch + Sweet Apricot bundle for one sample and Purple Hellebore + Lavender Heath for the other.


Another option is to create a Plein Air palette all your own! Pick up 6 (9) skeins of the Main Color, 3 (4) skeins of Contrast Color 1, and 2 (3) skeins of Contrast Color 2.


You’ll also need…


21 stitches and 42 rows (21 garter ridges) = 4 inches in garter stitch


Crib (Throw)

  • Finished Dimensions: Approximately 36 inches wide x 46 inches long (45 inches wide x 57 inches long)

Samples: We knit both of our blankets in the Crib size.


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