Watercolor Linen Fat Quarter Bundle

Watercolor Linen Fat Quarter Bundle

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Like a painting, our collection of Watercolor Linen seems made of fluid brushstrokes and colorful washes. It is subtle and elusive, intriguing and complex, earthy and beautiful. The structure of Watercolor Linen is a simple plain weave, but with the warp one color and the weft another, the fabric seems to glow with an inner light. It shifts and transforms, each color a wonderful thing! This Fat Quarter Bundle includes twenty-two 18 x 27-inch pieces of each color in the palette and is perfect for napkin sets, patchwork projects, and rainy days!

  • Content

    100% Linen

  • Weight

    3.7 ounces per square yard

  • Dimensions

    18 x 27 inches

  • Type


  • Recommended Care

    Machine Wash + Dry