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Log Cabin Spectrum Blanket Bundle


Log Cabin Spectrum Blanket Bundle

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A log cabin design borrowed from the quilting world, a color story filched from nature, and single-ply super bulky Woolly Wool, straight from the sheep... Our Log Cabin Spectrum Blanket takes the best of all worlds for a blanket that is colorful, cuddly, and absolutely beautiful! On US 17 needles, it's also a total gas to knit! Get in on the action with this Log Cabin Spectrum Blanket Bundle, available in Crib and Throw size. Click Product Details, above, for more info about materials, gauge, and size.

Product Details


Our Log Cabin Spectrum Blanket Bundle includes 9 (13) skeins of Purl Soho’s Woolly Wool, 100% wool. Each skein is 109 yards/ 200 grams.

  • Color A: 1 (1) skein in Heirloom White; approximately 57 (93) yards required.
  • Color B: 1 (1) skein in Ice Pond; approximately 54 (87) yards required.
  • Color C: 1 (1) skein in Gray Owl; approximately 36 (65) yards required.
  • Color D: 1 (1) skein in Peach Lily; approximately 72 (119) yards required.
  • Color E: 1 (1) skein in Winter Green; approximately 61 (109) yards required.
  • Color F: 1 (2) skein(s) in Juniper Berry; approximately 102 (171) yards required.
  • Color G: 1 (2) skein(s) in Purple Moor; approximately 78 (137) yards required.
  • Color H: 1 (2) skein(s) in Blossom Pink; approximately 109 (186) yards required.
  • Color I: 1 (2) skein(s) in Green Agave; approximately 97 (170) yards required.

You’ll also need…

  • US 17, 40-inch circular needles
  • Spare US 11, 13 or 15, 60-inch circular needles

NOTE: Spare needles are for putting stitches on hold that you later knit. If you’d rather use scrap yarn, you can. Just be sure you have spare needles to slip the on-hold stitches onto so you can knit them when the time comes!


8 stitches and 16 rows [8 garter ridges] = 4 inches in garter stitch

NOTE: For the Crib size, you’ll use just about the full skein of Yarn H, and for the Throw size, you’ll use just about the full skein of Yarn D. To avoid running out of yarn, make sure to achieve this gauge and use Yarn C (of which you have plenty) for your swatch.


Crib (Throw)

Finished Dimensions: 30 inches wide x 42 inches long (40 inches wide x 54 inches long)


Addi Bamboo US 17, 40-inch Circular Needles

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Addi Bamboo are naturally light and warm bamboo needles! Click here to see our full range of sizes and lengths, or click Add To Basket to purchase these US 17, 40-inch needles for knitting up a Log Cabin Spectrum Blanket!